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Has anybody fond Formoterol Oxis etc to be better with less reflux or indigestion?

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I'm trying to find a reliever that is less of a problem for reflux and wondered how if anyone has has found formoterol to be better? I have tried the combination Seretide, Ventolin and Serevent and they all give me really bad reflux. I'm on a PPI etc but it only makes it just about bearable.

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Few years ago I had really bad acid reflux,scary stuff and was prescribed Pantoprazole 20mg per 1 as required..gone! Just saying it it worked for me maybe you could ask your GP because it is by prescription only

Yes - I had indigestion trapped wind reflux and PND with Seretides, Symbicort & especially with Spiriva. I have no similar problems with Oxis Formoterol - although I do get (or am left with) occasional runny sinuses and a bit of throat mucous. Both tolerable compared with before. I am also on a PPI Omeprazole.

Try a netti pot saline sinus rinse for the PND - I know it drives you nuts - it doesn't necessarily cure it but it helps such a lot. .. and steroid nasal sprays seemed to make mine worse!

I found going on to lactose free milk solved my reflux. Now it’s just spices that get me. Think the milk interacted with my inhalers.

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