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Good morning everyone I am in Cornwall on holiday it’s been a lovely week with only one day that was dull but humid , we are due to go home tomorrow but silly as it sounds I’m missing my two little dogs so much I actually want to go home today not sure husband will agree lol

As some of you might Remember my daughter moved to Halifax last month well I have been to visit just before we came on holiday 😊 her house is lovely with beautiful views , still missing her and granddaughter so much though even though we are in contact most days , they are both coming to stay with me on the 20th of this month for a week so I’m looking forward to that 😊

Hope everyone is keeping ok in this hot weather doesn’t make breathing that easy does it .

Take care everyone

Cales xx

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So pleased you have enjoyed your holiday, but it's always nice to go home. Seeing your daughter and granddaughter will be lovely for you all. Take care love Bernadette 😊 xx

Sounds like you've had a great week,even though you've missed your dogs! My parents came from Devon so as a small child and up until 13/14 years old I would be visiting my Nana in my school holidays. Such a beautiful county and so much to do there. So glad you've really loved it.

Best wishes.

So lesley,you braved going oop north and had a wonderful time with your daughter and her little one and enjoyed the Yorkshire views as well.see all those previous worries should melt away now and you have the added bonus of a beautiful week in Cornwall and a return visit by your loved ones very soon.i would say your luck is definitely in and on the way home would you buy me a lottery ticket please. :)

Love Ski's and Scruff's

How lovely cales, enjoy the last day of your holiday if you can and see your little dogs tomorrow.

You have lots to look forward to with your daughter and granddaughter visiting and it’s great you’re in constant touch with them.

Take care and safe journey home. Xxxxx

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We have cats I know the feeling. You do miss them. We are lucky our daughter pops in to feed them. So they see a familiar faces. But we get the sulks as soon as we open the door.they walk away. Good job we always come back armed with cat treats. And I sit and wait for the purrs and fuss after all that I usually fall asleep for 10 mins to get my breathing back. I do miss them but I do look forward to my week with hubby being spoilt.

So glad you have enjoyed your holiday. I know what you mean about being ready to go home, though. Your little dogs will be pleased to see you. Glad you are seeing your daughter again so soon - lucky you! Hope you're set up with Facetime too. That's how we mainly see our daughter and family. It's great! xx Moy

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