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This weather is pants!


Pants... now there's a funny word,

Can mean all sort of things.

Right now it usually means,

What the hot weather brings.

At other times it might mean

Some clothing that you wear.

Or something that's dislikeable

And might make people stare.

Us humans do not need to pant

But dogs unfortunately do.

We will sweat in excessive heat,

They have to pant 'in lieu'.

If I increased the fan power more,

I'd have to nail Midge to the floor!

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Ha ha 😂 I'm sure Midge wouldn't be to happy with that. XxxPeg

Sorry hear that Midge is a hot dog today :( cool cat scruffy sends her love :) x

Hilarious ! I used to put a wet flannel on my little dog's head. I hope you've got Midge high enough ( or the fan low enough ) for her to benefit from it. O course you could just lie on the floor and then you'd both be okay. Sheila xx


Poor Midge..😮 she has her own ventilating system like Aria, staying in the shade, drinking water, sucking from the wet garden grass in the morning.. wet from sprinklers..

Love our pets xx


Bravo! Can't get the image of you trying to keep the ever loyal and wonderful Midge, stuck to the floor,with your fan turned up full throttle! Silly things eh? I've been giggling at the thought of it,as if it was in a comedy double act!(now there's an idea!).

I wrote a lovely reply to "Pants" about my Mexican Princess...I sent it....Then the Forum went off.......Ooops, I thought I'd pressed a red button. !!!!!

Haha! I have an image of you and Midge whirling about the room! You're right - this weather is pants - too bloomin' hot for me, anyway. xx Moy

Love it! How’s your camper van? Have you and Midge planned any new adventures? My husband and I, Alfie and Freddie are off to the Lake District in our caravan this week. It’ll be a very hot tin box!

Don-1931 in reply to helenlw7

My campervan was in Italy last week and has just moved into France. It's on loan to my nephew and his wife whilst Midge and I are waiting for the weather to cool a bit before heading off in my little Freedom caravan, probably to Wales.

helenlw7 in reply to Don-1931

Fancy your camper van having adventures without you! This is our first outing in our new van after the last one was stolen last July. I can’t wait, although the weather is a bit hot!

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