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HI Guys I have been taking 5ml of oramorph twice a day for breathlessness as prescribed. I'm now suffering with severe constipation which is something I've never had to think about as have always been very much the other way. Have tried eating only fruits and vegetables including salad haven't helped at all. Any suggestions truly welcome. Hope everyone is well in this heatwave. Keep your fans going. X Patsy

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Hi PatsyAnn, take Pepto-Bismol in the am and 2 or 3 ducolax in the evening. Hope this helps, judge69

Hi, Patsyann24. I think this is a recognised side effect of oramorph. Let your doctor decide which laxative might suit you.

Constipation will make you feel poorly in lots of ways if left untreated....headaches, nausea, dizziness, tummy ache. So don’t let it go on. Your doctor needs to have the chance to help you....make an appointment and let us know how you get on 🌸

I am currently taking Oromorph Patsyann. I very seldom get constipated possibly due to my diet and taking magnesium supplement - I take this because I also take reflux medication which is known to stop absorption of important nutrients. One of the effects of magnesium is to loosen the stools and can cause diarrhoea so that might work for you to loosen things up.

A good idea to speak to your GP first if you wanted to try it. Magnesium is also good as it works synergistically with calcium and Vit D to help with bone strength.

I don't think just eating salad and fruit is helpful - you need bulk. I eat sweet potatoes, porridge made from jumbo oats, whole meal bread, as well of course as the salad, leafy and root veg and fruit. Good oil is important too like olive oil. Hope this resolves for you.

Yatzy in reply to O2Trees

You’ve given us some good tips, 02trees. I’ve never thought of taking magnesium to help the calcium and vit D along. I’ll check that out....as my exercise regime is a little thin! I’ve just moved from a bungalow to a three storey house though, so hoping the extra exercise helps too. My physio daughter says better than joining the gym....and if all fails, I can get a stair lift 😆 I’ll start saving!

Have a good day 🍓🍒🌸

O2Trees in reply to Yatzy

Magnesium works on the smooth muscle tissue - it works well for the lungs too :)

Yatzy in reply to O2Trees

That's helpful information, 02..Thanks I've just ordered from Amazon. This could help a lot. 💝

Iron tablets bung me up, sometimes a high fibre and loads of water is defeated. Dulcomax works a treat, nothing happens for eight hours and then sorts you out.

Movicol,it does what it says on the tin and gets things moving fast,available on every gp's prescription list,i swear by it...................Ski's and Scruffs x

Food remedies include adding oat bran to everything that can take it, lots of rhubarb, dried fruit and nuts, wholemeal bread and flour products. I've recently been on a limited fruit and veg + some meat diet and my system became very constipated. Glad to be back on the home-made muesli, which should get the plumbing working properly again.


I have a prescription laxative called Laxido which helps

I have a bowl of All bran cereal every morning with milk.

my remedy was to cut back on the oramorph as the constipation was exhausting and very painful - seems everything that helps has its downside. oramorph - steroids etc. good luck with your remedies..... xxx

Psyllium husk is a totally natural way of avoiding constipation - provides the bulk to keep the bowel working smoothly. Available on-line or any good health-food store.

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