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How Long is the Waiting List for Spirometry?

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My GP has confirmed that I have been referred for spirometry. I also have been prescribed an inhaler. Does anyone know very roughly how long the waiting list is for a spirometry test e.g. weeks, months or years?

Also, I have anaemia. I have probably been anaemic for a long time, and this is despite taking iron supplements. I know anaemia can increase breathlessness, but can emphysema (which is what is suspected) also cause or worsen anaemia?


11 Replies
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Hi. Waiting lists seem to depend on where you live and the department. E.g. I live in Oxfordshire and it's really hard to get a referral to a maxillofacial surgeon but I see my respiratory consultant regularly. Also, I am seeing the transplant team at Harefield in june and that appointment only took a couple of months. You could maybe give the respiratory department a ring and ask.

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d0ttysslave in reply to Karenanne61

Thank you. That is helpful. I will do that.

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Have you been referred for full lung function tests at the hospital or spirometry at your dr surgery? I was referred for full lung function tests in February and I’ve finally got my appt for July! It’s a monitoring one, not diagnostic, so not urgent.

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In the midlands took 5 months

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The last spirometry test I had was 4yrs ago. Hate them as I know I never get a true reading ,so rather not know. Only numbers after all xx👍👍💕💕

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How is your GP treating your anaemia? That won't be helping how you feel.

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@Ergendl, I was convinced that the anaemia was due to my cranky diet (I tend not to eat a lot of meat etc), but I take iron supplements daily and the iron levels are still low. That is why I was wondering if the possible COPD may be affecting the anaemia or vice versa. I think the two things combine do add to the breathlessness I feel.

The GP suggested tests for bowel problems, but routine bowel cancer screening has come back negative, so I just take the iron supplements (over the counter gentle iron).

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Izb1 in reply to d0ttysslave

Has your gp tested your B12? my sister had tiredness all the time and was a little breathless, it turned out to be her b12 and she had to have injections for a while as the body doesnt take it in through the stomach x

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@lzbl this is interesting. I am due to have another blood test imminently (I just need to pick up the forms from the surgery). The tests are for anaemia and cholesterol levels (which tends to be high). Would B 12 levels also show?

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Perhaps yr iron pills aren't strong enough - I'd talk to dr about that. green leafy veg contain iron

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Did you find out why you are anaemic? Do you regularly loose any blood? A spirometry test is usually done by a respiratory nurse at the GP practice. You could try asking again if you are worried. There is no reason it should not be done now .

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