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Morning Lung Congestion & Blue Inhalers

Well am sick of waking up and coughing all that stagnant lung juices up.

This morning I thought I would use a cheat AND have blast of my blue inhaler HELP get it up.

I can say I feel worse and feel I have a lot in common with a steaming cow 🐮 pat .

Instructions are not my thing really PRETTY picture’s do it for me SO I have to ask dose anyone else use the blue inhaler first thing to help clear chest of overnight sputom mucus swamp sediment.

Or am I missing a trick

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Hi JAS, Pete tends to use his nebuliser to clear his chest as that works best for him. Xxxx

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Hi sassy did think about that but bit of messing about.

My thinking was more convenient speedy fixes I should no better really.

But am optimist really DON’T know why when I keep getting in a mess but hay live in hope things will improve.

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Hi Jeff, all the blue inhaler will do is open your airways, this inhaler should be used before any exertion. For clearing your lungs first thing, I would suggest you hold your sides on the rib cage and blow out or if you have one use your peak flow meter. I find this helps me to clear any phlegm that has hung around since the night before, once you clear your chest then use your blue inhaler. You may need to puff and blow a few times before you bring anything up, if this doesn't work maybe someone else on the forum has more ideas. Take care Maximonkey


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