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Hi I went for my 3 monthly review yesterday to told after the tests that my hart had swollen and I was no longer fit enough to survive the transplant operation. How can this be when we were talking to a woman who’s husband had been in the hospital for 5 weeks and had a hart transplant. He must have a lot iller then me. So now we just wait to died with no hope. Enjoy the sun while you can

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I feel for you, as it must be very upsetting to have such news. However, you have to bear in mind that the doctors are doing their best for you. The heart transplant patient probably had stronger lungs. You could ask about a heart/lung transplant I suppose. But above all, please do not give up hope, life is still worth living. Enjoy the sunshine, observe the world and enjoy it. You may need help to accept what has happened and you must ask for all the help you need, I hope you have family to support you, but you may need professional help too. Thinking of you with love, and sending you many blessings. My prayers are with you, if you don't object xxx

Hello sunnyday22 .

I am very sad to read your post. I can only imagine the disappointment and sense of hopelessness is overwhelming for you. May I ask how long you have been on the list? As Carnival567 has suggested, was there any mention of a heart/lung transplant?

It is not easy to compose an answer to your post without feeling that whatever I say is totally inadequate at this moment. I just hope that a lung/ heart option is available. Perhaps not at your current hospital but at another.

I hope to hear from you again. You are in my thoughts.

Cas xx 🍀🌹

I can empathise and know just how it feels to have the chance of a life saving operation snatched away from you. I was lucky that I had another path to go down, with radiotherapy, but I still know exactly how you feel. I hope that you can find another path too, in perhaps a heart and lung transplant.

Thank you all for your reply’s I was on the list for 12 months. I asked about a hart and lung transplant but at 61 this Sunday I’m to old. It was just the way it was said I know they meant well but it was as if they had made the decision on the fact that I had thin legs and it was only when I started to question that they started to look at the results of the test that day. Like I said to before I went into the room I had hope and I just waiting for the end with no hope

Your not Too old, I'm 66 and hope to have Lung Reduction with valves in a few weeks and still Stay on the Transplant list. I go to rehab twice a week and other daily Exercise Classes all on Oxygen, I am Trying to maintain a fitness and stay Positive...Some people I am aware of are back on the List for Heart & Lung Transplant after 6 months of Exercise and they never gave up. Why not Join the Transplant Group at QE Birmingham or Freeman( The Best One) in Newcastle, The Post Transplant patients their can give you so much information on their Journey's ups & downs, Before & After. Though this is The Best Forum for us as A group with COPD & Loyal Friendship. I wish you The Best of each Day, Please stay Strong Hun. Love n Hugs. Carolina XXXXX

sunnyday22 in reply to Hacienda

Hi thanks you so much for your reply unfortunately I IPF and on oxygen 24 / 7 the transplant was my last chance. I hope all goes well for you. It sounds that you are doing all the right things.

Dearest sunnyday22 . 👋

Today is your birthday😊. I just wanted to say a very happy birthday to you🌹. I hope you have a wonderful day. Please know I am thinking of you today and sending lots of love and hugs. 🌷

Happy sixty first birthday!!!!! 🎂🎁💜👑🎉🎈🎀

Cas xx 🌞🐞🐝

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