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Vicious circle?


Morning all on this slightly chilly Sunday morning.

So on Friday, feeling a little more healthy than I have been, decided to do some physical activities in work, probably only did around 30 mins of lifting and moving before resting for quite a while and was only feeling a bit of breathlessness.

Saturday comes, I get up for work not feeling the best, thought nothing of it as it's something I've been used to. Pops myself off to work and start the day doing physical things but this time within 5 minutes I'm gasping for my inhaler and having really bad chest pains, I know a panic attack is looming so get my paper bag which helps me get rid of the panic.

I did nothing for the rest of the day but every time I stood up I got the chest pains back. Finally went home and slept from 6pm to 6am and feel so rough this morning, can't drag myself out of bed and breathing is not the best. Very slight pains in the chest but nothing substantial and no sign of a panic attack.

Also, must add, I noticed a slight discolouration in my phlegm yesterday and wondering if I might have a chest infection as I only felt this bad last time I had one.

Wow that was a long one, thanks for sticking to the end and enjoy the supposed day of rest.

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Sometimes it’s hard to decide if you need antibiotics, other times it becomes all too obvious.

keith9876 in reply to Don-1931

im just wondering if i did too much after 4 months off work, ive been back 2 weeks but have been quite sensible and was feeling it was maybe time to start doing a little more.

You need to get checked out Keith. Hope you feel better soon but no work till you do. Xxx

keith9876 in reply to sassy59

Sadly time off probaby isnt an option now, only have 8 weeks until i finish up and cant afford to give up a substantial sum which will keep me going until i can get my health back to a level where i can get a part time job. My boss is really understanding though and is happy for me to sit in the office all day, she actually told me off for doing too much yesterday lol.

sassy59 in reply to keith9876

Good luck to you and take it easy. Xxxxx

keith9876 in reply to sassy59

Thankyou sassy, have a lovely day

Hi Keith9876, its great when we feel well enough to tackle the physical things but dont realise that our bodies are not upto sudden spurts , especially after illness. Its great that you have a good boss who is understanding, but try to take things easy and put a phone call into your doctors. Irene x

keith9876 in reply to Izb1

Hi, yeah its a shock thats for sure, spending the day in bed catching up with some shows and ringing the doc first thing for an appointment. Hopefully it was just a blip but either way i plan on having the laziest 8 weeks in work lol

mrsmummy in reply to keith9876

Good plan. :)

Does sound as if you may have overdineit on Friday Keith, but keep an eye on the colour of that phlegm. If the colour doesnt improve or if your breathing becomes more difficult call your GP/Respiratory Team in case you need antibiotics. Good luck x

keith9876 in reply to Dedalus

Had myself another nap, just eaten some sausages and am feeling a whole lot better, not a chance i am going to overdo anything for now, slow and steady like the tortoise and the hare.

Dedalus in reply to keith9876

That's good news Keith. Take care xx

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