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I bought an oximeter from Amazon this week for £18. It wasn't a problem, although reading is changing each time. I also bought a nebulizer for nearly £60 again from Amazon. This does the job well as the nhs don't provide them but as I needed the paramedics to come round with one it was much easier to have my own for future use. My breathing is so poor now, I can't get up the stairs or more than about 10 paces. However, I have some sort of disputed infection or emphysema , with different medical opinions. Can anyone help? I have cold clammy forehead, and lots of clear mucous- no temperature- what is it?

Best wishes, Clare

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Nobody here can offer a diagnosis from those symptoms. You would need to be examined by a doctor who has access to your medical records. There is a big difference between a disputed infection and emphysema. Guessing does not help nor does trying to diagnose yourself online. Please see your GP. He should be able to explain all the findings to you.

Hi happy Easter to you. This is a job for the GP as mrsmummy says . Anyway good luck get better soon.


Hi - Reading your post you need proper medical help. I have two oximeter's also from Amazon, but use them as a guide only. They must never be used to diagnose yourself.

Take mrsmummy and donut43's advice - See your GP - If you still feel poorly, phone 111 if no out of hours doctor and tell them what you have told us...


It's not that straight forward. I've seen docs and medics all winter. I have lifelong asthma, copd for 10plus years. That's what we thought this illness was. However, after x rays , blood tests, ct scans a biopsy and a biopsy, I have been diagnosed with stage 4 adenocarcinoma. I went into a&e on Tuesday unable to breathe. The consultant said I had an infection and or emphysema. On Wednesday I saw the oncologist who said it's the cancer. So you see ,I have seen two doctors on two consecutive days who have given me two different diagnosis. So what is your suggestion given the full story?

Clare x

joyce74 in reply to Hidden

Sorry to hear about your cancer diagnosis and hope it doesn't spread and the team of experts looking after you are able to offer some treatment to slow it down x

Hidden in reply to Hidden

So sorry to hear about your diagnosis..

I know what you mean about things not being so clear cut..I have lymphangioleiomyomatosis, it took me years to be diagnosed..All I can say is never give up insisting until you are satisfied with medical care..sorry if I can’t be more helpful xx


Susan1200 in reply to Hidden

I am so sorry to read this ,to be honest it's a total disgrace on the doctors side ,your getting nothing ,i really hope these doctors can really find the correct diagnosis.

Take care ,try and stay strong.

Hi it must be very frustrating having 2 doctors give different diagnosis but no one on here has the medical training to say it could be one or the other. The best it would be is a guess and that's never a good idea! We are all fellow sufferers on here.

It seems to me the best way to go is to have an MRI scan. This is more comprehensive than a CT scan and this might shed further light on it.

I hope you find some answers. x

Sorry you are feeling so poorly. I assume you have regular medical reviews with your GP or Consultant?

Have you completed a Pulmonary Rehabilitation course ?

Do you have a BLF Passport ?

Hope you feel better soon.


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