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why do I have a difficulty breathing w/ tingling and numbness in various areas of my body?


Hello everyone,

A day ago in the evening, I had a sudden severe hypotension and fluttering in my chest, more like I was frightened and daydreaming, I started feeling dizzy and nauseous then my breathing became too shallow, some minutes later I had a difficulty breathing and felt like fainting. It somehow felt like I was dying, I went from my room to downstairs to seek the help of my family members, I took a pill of vitamin C along with orange juice, meantime my hands and feet became paralyzed and numb, I couldn't breathe properly, my face went pale, my tongue felt too heavy, everything around me started to spin, my breathing got worse and my chest started a weird tingling and numbness. My brother took me to the emergency service and they put me into oxygen, it took me 1h30 for my breathing to be "comfortable" again. Next morning, (which is yesterday morning) my chest went back to normal but my heartbeat was racing and every minimal effort made me exhausted.

Could you please give me some insight on what my symptoms could be, knowing I suffer from mild asthma and I never had an asthma attack?

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I'm not a medical expert and would advise you to consult one, but do you think you may have had an anxiety attack? Several of the symptoms you described I have suffered at times and I suffer with GAD, Generalised Anxiety Disorder. It comes out of the blue, for no seemingly good reason but it is very frightening when you don't understand what this disorder can do to you at the time of an attack. Did they give you any explanation at the hospital?

Annie31 in reply to Annie31

Just to add, the fact that you suffer from asthma, may have been the reason why it took you longer to calm down after. From a personal aspect, an attack always left me feeling very weak and exhausted for hours after. Whether that is a hormonal thing I don't know, because with anxiety, it is a fight or flight phenomena and is adrenaline related.

KhaCB in reply to Annie31

Thank you for your insight and time Annie31, as I never had any anxiety attack I can't recall what its symptoms are, but what you described seems pretty close to what I felt except that my breathing process (inhale/exhale) was somewhat getting "out of control" and it became shallow, at the peak moment I couldn't fully inhale/exhale , it felt like my lungs are going out of my chest or are "not mine". At the hospital all they said was "it's an asthma attack but don't worry we'll give you a dose of salbutamol and you'll be fine", I told them I'm on Symbicort for COPD treatment but they didn't listen, so I had to refuse and ask for a decent clarification on why should I take salbutamol while I'm on a different treatment, they then left me with the breathing mask and got away with it.

It's really frightening when you don't understand what's going on because it feels like being thrown into an ocean in the middle of nowhere.

Thank you again Annie31.

Best regards.

Check out super ventricular tachycardia called SVT for short

KhaCB in reply to Donkster

thank you so much Donkster, I'll make sure to check it out asap.

Hello KhaCB .

Oh my. That sounds very frightening. It must have been dreadful for you. I was wondering, when you went to the emergency room, did they not run any tests to try and find out what happened? It seems odd to me that they gave you 02 and sent you on your way. I would have thought they would have sent you for various tests, to find the root of the problem. Have the hospital recommend you have a follow up consultation?

I think we can all speculate here as to why you felt the way you did, and I am sure there will be some excellent advice like Annie31 has given, but ultimately you need professional advice and guidance.

I am really sorry this has happened to you. Please do rest and take things easy.

Best wishes to you.

Cas xx 🍀🐰

KhaCB in reply to Caspiana

thank you so much Caspiana, this is so heart warming, and yes it was a horrible experience. Unfortunately they were so neglectful in the hospital that they sent me back home after 1h30min of time which was morbid and scary, but thank God I had the support of my boyfriend and my family.

Best wishes to you too.

Caspiana in reply to KhaCB

😱 So no tests? Sorry, but I am curious, may I ask are you in the U.K.?

As Cas has said you need follow-up on this. Similar experiences are not the way forward in this as we are all different

They must of completed a number of tests within A&E. Your symptoms could be related to a number of conditions but nobody can diagnose online. Many of the tests carried out would have eliminated many causes. What did the hospital say?

I've had a lung transplant, 61/2 yrs ago. Have been on 02 all this time. Then my dr. says I didn't need 02 my last visit. I was shocked because I get terrible oob. I notice now that my sat is 95-100 and still sob. Pulmonary Rehab will make the lungs stronger. Could be kidneys or tacrolimus......All along I thought my lungs

Hacienda in reply to joynoel3208

Hi & Welcome, is this your first post? I was Drawn to it because you have had a Lung Trx, also 02 continuous. I, and a few friends here are waiting on the List, I'm for Double. I do have a Few Friends who have also had Transplants and are not on 02 any more and apart from their many Meds, have a 02 free life. Your sats are Good at 95/100 amazing. I recently had Reduction by way of Valves,(right lung) the Procedure is amazing and I am no longer SOB but my Consultant has said I have to stay with 16 hours 02, I didn't think I needed the length of hours, but I have to do what she says. I am still on the Trx List, have been for 2 Years now without 1 call. I hope to go back to Rehab, after already having 5 Courses, I do miss it and feel stronger for it. I do Breathe Easy Exercise Classes and the Gym. I hope you get sorted out with your SOB, can't comment on Kidneys. Best of Luck,, Push for Rehab. xxxxx Carolina xxx

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