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Is it normal for blood pressure to change a lot

I just ask as mine seems to be very up and down. Usually it's on the low side.

Yesterday it was only 105/62 pretty low however didn't have breakfast or tea a sign had to fast for the endoscopy so that probably made it lower.

This afternoon it was 142/82 very different I think. I think if I took an average it would generally be on the region of 115/75 ish that kind of area.

I know it changes as to what you've been doing and eating etc and the time of day.

But mine does go from way low to a wee bit high sometimes.

I just wondered if that was other people's experience or perhaps I'm just a bit strange!

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Blood pressure readings are expressed in millimeters of mercury. This unit is abbreviated as mm Hg. A normal reading would be any blood pressure below 120/80 mm Hg and above 90/60 mm Hg in an adult.

What type of equipment are you using, and do you repeat the test under the same conditions.


I know, have it done a lot at Drs and have my own wrist BP checker. As mine used to be too low really and some times I'd feel faint. Now I eat something every 2 hours and have some salt too so it's got better.

Obviously the conditions are sometimes different but I always sit down legs uncrossed.

It's normal to differ at times of the day and mine is as should be as lower early morning slowly rising through the day then lowers late afternoon.

I'm not worried as such a its never really high anyway. I think I just have a bit of thing about it probably cos in the past I've been told to take regular readings and now it is increasing that's different for me. But good that's it's not too low anymore so I don't not feel faint a lot. Breakfast is a must for me, I can't go without it.

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My daughters bottom reading has been in the 40s and never more than 50 the doctor doesn't seem to bother


Blood pressure naturally changes during the day due to circadian rhythms. The bodys own clock. There are lots of reason for your blood pressure to go up and down. Obviously your resting blood pressure will be lower than if your active. Also if you are anxious that will raise your blood pressure. There are so many variables to mention from the size of the cuff to the type of machine you use. I use the old type manual machine shown by research to be far more accurate than the electronic ones.

As far as diagnosis of high blood pressure is concerned it is normally made over a series of readings over 24 hours.


Yes very normal as far as I am concerned.

I will say that you have to make sure the cuff is at the recommended tightness every time, or you will get wild swings up and down.

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Hi there, your blood pressure looks good and I have blood pressure swings like yours but in the higher range. I would say if you are really concerned ask your practice nurse. I have mine checked every three months or so as I am boarderline high, but the doctor feels it is nothing to worry about, the hospital says it's usual for rises as you get older. Do you have any other symptoms, like fainting or the like.? Think sometimes we place too much emphasis on whats normal or not with BP but each patient is different and you need to keep a check for a longish time to know what is normal for you. Best Wishes

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