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feeling tired all the time

Hi hope everyone is has well has can be

I went to my gp today because have been feeling so tired all the time and grumpy with no energy and just want to lay down all the time.

Dont feel ill but just cant do nothing and i know i get the odd days feeling like this but know it will pass and then feel ok.

But i have been like this over a week now, anyway the doctor dont think it is to do with my copd and has sent me for blood test

investigation requird B12 vitamin

C Reactive protein


Random Glucose,,, Liver Function Test...Urea & Electrolytes.. Thyoid function test

What ever that all means lol so will just have to wait and see

Best wishes


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Good..B12 is important we lose it with lung disease and age..ferritin is iron to see if you have anemia..important for women

C reactive is to measure inflammation

Glucose your sugar levels

Liver well if you take a lot of meds, our liver acts as a filter..

Urea your kidneys

And thyroid well important too for hormonal reasons..so a standard check up for fatigue..

Good luck!!



Thanks for this info Fran

Your lucky you dont live next door to me has i would be a pest asking you questions about my heath lol

Thanks and best wishes



Hi music, I've been feeling exactly the same for a few weeks now. Can't get to sleep and then can't summons the energy to get up in the morning. Wanting to sleep in the day but I fight it off. I haven't the energy or motivation to do anything. It's very frustrating.

I've had a dry cough since Xmas and runny nose on and off. Freezing one day, sweating the next. I blame everything on this awful weather.

I hope they get to the bottom of it for you. xx


hi casper99

the doctor did say it could be to do with the weather and a few weeks ago i went to benidom spain and felt good has was warn sunny in the day bit chilly in the evenings.

Sometimes when if i feel i have no energy or tired i can push myself to do some sort of exercise and then feel better

But this past week i have had no motivation or energy to do nothing but dont feel ill.

Just hope i have not got to take more pills has my pill box is getting bigger loll

Getting older a.. who needs it, anyway we got january out the way so roll on the warmer weather



Amen to that music. The older I get, the more I hate winter. As soon as the sun comes out, I feel so much better in myself.

My health problems and their limitations are just the same, I just cope with them so much better mentally, so, I think there is some truth in what your Docter says. xx


Hi Music, I too visited a GP yesterday for the same reason. I keep falling asleep after eating and also having blood test for thyroid, vitamin B12 and iron deficiency. Hope we both find answers.


Sorry to hear you have not been feeling too well Music, think our recovery time gets longer when we have lung problems along with age. Just look after yourself and rest up until your blood tests are back. Its great having somebody on site like Happy london who has so much knowledge. Irene


I to have been like you I have booked some blood test .But to be honest I think its depression its become such a palaver to go or do anything with this horrid disease I hope you regain your energy soon xx


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