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Weather and breathing


Just recently found this site and as I have COPD I will be asking for help and suggestions. Let me first say, I am not residing in UK now, I am in West Indies. Medical help is dubious at best. It has been raining almost non-stop for the past 3 or 4 weeks and I am having so much more trouble breathing. I have a nebuliser and inhalers and over the years I have asked doctors for directions on how to best use. I have been admitted to hospital at least 4 times in past 2 years with breathing/pneumonia issues. When leaving hospital doctors simply say to use as necessary. Often times I did not find it necessary to use anything for a couple of months then would find I was shaky and staggering. I try to quit smoking but end up completely breathless. I now go 2 or 3 days without a cig and then find I must have one to get my shaking under control. This of course does not happen when I am in hospital and wondering if it is the drugs they are giving me. When I cannot breathe, it is a very bloated feeling in my stomach so I have found a fizzy drink helps me expel the gas and have now started taking antiflatulent tablets which causes much loud belching and then I can breathe again -- until the other day when it rained non-stop and it is still raining. I have a small oxygen tank which I purchased but I am so far from the shop where it is re-filled, and I do not drive, so the cost of a taxi plus the cost of the oxygen -- which lasts about 2 days if only use 1/2 hour at a time -- makes oxygen cost prohibitive. Please forgive my lengthy ramblings but would love to be part of your community and would appreciate suggestions and support.

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Toshie: I am new to the site also. You write that you have oxygen tanks that must be refilled. Are you familiar with oxygen concentrators? They make their own oxygen, so do not have to be refilled. As you are a distance from a facility where you have your tank refilled,the concentrator seems a better. They do require one to have access to electricity. Wishing for you a break in the weather, sunny skys, and easy breathing. J


Thank you for your reply. I am trying to get an oxygen concentrator but it must be shipped from America and I must make application to the government to bring it in minus duty and VAT. No rain today but we have had so much that everything is damp. Weather forecast is for periods of rain for the next 7 to 10 days.


Hi, toshie. I have problems breathing when it is raining very heavily. That's because there is less oxygen in the air. I use a dehumidifier in the home to make it easier to breathe in my bedroom, and to stop my things getting mouldy.

It would really help your condition to give up the cigarettes completely. Are you able to get e-cigs where you live? That would help you control the withdrawal symptoms you are getting. Do think of joining the community here on Health Unlocked to stop smoking - you should find a lot more help there.

All the best, M.

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I have a dehumidifier but we have had so much rain that everything is damp. I will check out the stop smoking community. We do not have e cigs here so need all the support I can get.

Thank you for kind reply.

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Hello and welcome Toshie


Thank you.


Hello toshie .

Welcome to the forum. ๐Ÿ˜Š I have been reading your post with concern. I am guessing the weather in the West Indies can be very humid. You also mentioned it has been โ˜” for weeks. I find that rain always makes breathing harder for me but with humidity too, it is far worse. There isn't really much to be done about the weather all I can do is hope you get a let up with the rain very soon ๐ŸŒž.

It also seems you are struggling with your oxygen supply. What stage is your COPD and how long ago were you diagnosed? And where were you diagnosed? Does the hospital not offer any advise about oxygen therapy and how to obtain or maybe rent oxygen appliances? I suppose where you are at the moment, may not offer such services. The thing is, the less you exercise the more risk there is of your COPD progressing more swiftly, not to mention loss of muscle tone and general well being . But if you only have half an hours worth of oxygen and then struggle to get a refill, I understand how limiting a factor that is.

Sorry for the intrusive question , but do you intend to stay long term where you are at present? It seems to me (as just an observer looking from afar) that you need more support. I really want to advise you to quit ๐Ÿšฌ smoking. I have heard it is a difficult thinking to do so, so I won't, because I know you most certainly know it's something you need to do anyway. There is a quit smoking support forum here on Health Unlocked if you'd like to take a peek.

I hope you will update us often. It is very therapeutic to talk with others in similar situations. And please no apologies for lengthy ramblings. All of us have been there and done that.

Sending a gentle hug.

Cas xx ๐ŸŒน

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I am in a 3rd world country with very limited resources. We have no such thing as non-smoking clinics or oxygen therapy. I rely on my nebuliser, which again, I had to import.

I would dearly love to leave but I cannot sell my house and I require the money to live on if I leave. My family and friends are all in UK or Canada and it is frightening for me to be alone and trying to deal with this. I know my years of smoking have played a big part in my COPD

but some 12 years ago I lost my home and possessions to a major hurricane. For 9 months I lived in a tool shed without a proper roof. Many nights the rain would fall on my mattress and then it would take days to dry. I had only the trainers I was wearing the night of the hurricane and everyday I had to put my feet into wet shoes. I was 2 months before family could reach me and bring me dry shoes. My tool shed was constantly damp but it was my only source of cover. I am sure this situation did not help my lungs. I am coping with my issues but some days it becomes so difficult that I want to give up but I won't.

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Hello toshie .

I see your dilemma. How long have you lived away from the the U.K. which I assume is your home country?

I don't know how if it would help but the British Lung Foundation have some tips to help with breathing. I believe there are also videos.


I hope you are feeling a little better today. It is very trying to not have much support. Please do keep us updated.

Thinking of you.

Cas xx ๐ŸŒป


hi I hope your breathing gets better soon.is it the rainy season in the west indies?

I recommend a visit to your dr as your present medicine isn't working and its frithening when you cant breathe properly.

sorry I spelt frightening wrong.and have you tried ecigs?they work for me no more coughing when u wake up no more horrible yellow coating on my tongue.and they've got great flavours to choose from.

hope you feel better sooon


When I go to the doctor they just say, if medicine does not agree with you, discontinue taking. I know many complain about NHS but you never realise what you had until it is gone.

It is suppose to be dry season here now but for some reason we are getting massive amounts of rain. It is so bad that water is penetrating my outer walls and paint in bedroom is lifting. Run a dehumidifier but does not make a difference. Oh well, at least I do not have to shovel it.


it must be really hard in a poor country and the dr knows hes far superior because hes very well paid bet his house isn't rundown.


I agree with the above post but wanted to add, stay away from fizzy drinks.

Carbonated Beverages

It should be no surprise that carbonated beverages contribute to gas and bloating. Not only do soft drinks and other carbonated beverages cause abdominal pressure from bloating, they typically contain a lot of sugar and contribute to dehydration. If youโ€™re thirsty, drink water. Your lungs will thank you. Avoid these beverages:

Carbonated soft drinks

Sparkling waters


Sparkling wines

Sparkling cider


No fizzy drinks? Oh no. I was brought up in the coca-cola culture and I have tried to cut back but like cigarettes, not easy. Fortunately I am not a big lover of alcohol or beer but have recently found I can limit myself to one coke each day. If only I could now limit ciggies. On a positive note, I have a friend arriving next week who will stay here for 4 weeks. Whenever I have guests, I will not smoke in their presence. The most I will have will be 3 each day which to me is a positive step. Thank you for your concern.

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