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Persistent cough

I have had a cough for a month now. I have been back and forth to the doctors who fobbed me off with a virus. But they have took samples and there is no bug, virus or infection in the mucus I am constantly coughing up. I am not a smoker so it’s not a smokers cough. I have asked for chest X-rays and a scan but they won’t refer me. They just say it’s a cough. I have no other symptoms except the odd sharp chest pains but they seem more in my ribs than lungs. Getting worried

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Have you tried taking some Gaviscon after meals in case it's a reflux cough. A reflux cough is persistent very dry and usually worse at night. Worth a try for a week, see if it helps.


Thanks for your comment but it’s def not that because it’s not a dry cough. I am coughing up mucus from my chest as I can feel it there but docs say my chest sounds clear

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Has something changed in your environment, to give you an exacerbation, like more smoke, or dust, or a different cleaning solution? I went to a Patient Participation Group meeting in a GP surgery recently, and was left struggling to breath and coughing because of the cleaner that had been wiped over the table and not washed off.


Hello Lulufo. Have you been diagnosed with any lung condition?

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