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I’m on day 6 of steroids, peak flow is now 300. Sats good, no temp. Started antibiotics yesterday as white/yellow sputum. Not much.

Since yesterday the pain in my lungs has increased, they feel like two bricks. Tight band by ribs, but pain all over lungs. I’ve also had dizziness, yesterday was whenever I was on my feet, today even sitting up is making me feel dizzy and have tingly lips.

Should I just wait for antibiotics and steroids to kick in, or head back to doctor?

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Hi Wally

I don’t like the sound of that pain and dizziness. You should go back to the doctor tomorrow at the latest, or any A&E or walk-in centre. If you feel unwell do call emergency services.

Take care.


Have you checked your O2 stats again? Although the antibiotics will attack the infection, as long as they have given you something a little more effective than amoxycillin, the heavy feeling & tightness will start to lift as the infection is dealt with. I agree with happy, the dizzyness is concerning - albeit dizziness is a symptom of the current "bug".



Says still good but peak flow back down to 250


Go back to your doctor. pain, dizzines and tingling. Any new simptoms should not realy be ignored better safe than sorry you may need a different tipe of antibiotic but best to get it all checked. Hope you are feeling better soon


Thank you all, doctor just said it’s flu (even though I’ve had the flu jab😩) and to have chest x ray

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