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Pneumonia, feeling anxious

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Hi, I'm new to this and just posting for some advice. I'm generally fit and well, im a fitness & I don't smoke.

However I have been poorly now for around 5 weeks, starting off as bronchitis, I had a weeks worth of amoxicillin along with steroids, then a weeks worth of clarithromycin with more steroids after the infection became worse and I presented at a&e after that and the X-rayed me and took a sputum sample but sent me home with doxycycline. By this point I had really bad pleuritic pain and was struggling for breath.

After a few days of these I felt much worse and went back to the hospital where they told me my sample said I had pneumonia and my left lung on the X-ray looked like it was covered with the infection. I was admitted with very high inflammatory markers and white blood cell count. Had 2 days worth of IV amoxicillin and then was sent home with a further 3 days worth of oral amoxicillin.

10 days on from getting discharged I still feel awful and the pain is so bad which I assume is the pleuritic pain again, I'm still coughing up horrible green mucus and I'm just home from hospital with yet another weeks worth of amoxicillin. I'm really anxious and worried about this because I really do feel awful & I have a 19 month old daughter to care for at home & I have now been off work for 3 weeks.

I've been told that diclofenac and codeine which I am taking is all they can give me for the pain- which is barely taking the edge off. And I have to get bloods done by my GP in 2-3 days time.

Looking for any advice or even if anyone can share their experiences so I know what to expect next. I know there's no quick fix and the infection was quite severe and I'm very worried about it returning or not clearing.

Thanks in advance 😊

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Sorry you are having such a hard time.

Looks like doctors are searching for the right antibiotics for the bacteria you have which will be determined by your blood tests hopefully.

Check Clinical guidelines..

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Why don’t you phone the BLF helpline today for further guidance.

I had pleurisy it was very painful I was recommended to hold a hotwater bottle there. It takes a lot of rest and fluids to get better. I had 14 days doxycycline.

Take good care xx

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On the Nice pages you will see the time of recovery:

Point 1.2.22 information for patients. It is very well explained.

Good morning, and welcome to the group. I'm sorry that you're struggling, and that I can't help with your queries, but I'm sure that there will be plenty of good advice for you. Good luck, and I hope that you are feeling much better very soon. XXX

Good morning and welcome to our forum. You have come to the right place for help and support.

I'm so sorry you are having such an uncomfortable time at the moment. It must be a struggle to care for a baby while you are feeling so unwell. Calling the helpline is very good advice - 03000 030 555. Their experienced nurses will be able to advise you on what to expect and what questions you could be asking your medical team in order to help you to a faster recovery.

Let us know how you get on. Very best wishes, Annie

Dear oh dear, you poor thing. Pleurisy with a 19 month old must be hell, in my experience the pain is the same as broken ribs - and takes nearly as long to recover from!

When I first had it I asked the GP how he could tell it was pleurisy, he said "easy, it makes a particular rasping sound heard through the stethoscope". I've since heard different lung sound on BBC radio 4, amazing. I mention this so you can get checks with your own GP on the state of the pleurisy.

This is what I recommend from my own very similar experiences (we aren't medics on here, just patients with different lung complaints)

1. Please get some 50 billion strength probiotics urgently. Not only to replace the good bacteria all those antibiotics have killed off but to help rebuild your immune system. I get mine from Healthspan (sorry to name a company but they're excellent quality & freepost unless you pay for 1st class post). Take for at least 4 weeks then go down to 20 billion for at least 8 weeks.

2. Keep going to GP, they're their for us & you can't recover on your own.

3. YouTube, huffing technique to help get rid of the mucus - drink loads to help moisten it making it easier to expel.

I'm sure there will be more advice coming but I only wish then what I know now, it's taken me a few years to get my health back after my first pleurisy & pneumonia. Wishing you all the very best in getting well. The experts are available on the help line, number above, UK office hours. Peege

Hi! you have had a terrible time. It is a painful process, my codeine was for hip replacement surgery. It wasn't much help the pain was incredible. The only thing it gave me was constipation.

I have a lung problem COPD as soon as I get a cold it goes straight to my lungs and the only relief I get is from my three puffers, manuka honey (there is a lot of health properties in this honey), garlic, and rest. My lungs become very painful, the only thing is rest.

I read your post and feel for you as I know what you are going through.

Sorry to hear of your plight. I had severe pneumonia and pleurisy about 9 years ago and I'm glad to say it hasn't returned yet.

It took me a long time to recover - I was in pain for a long time and took co-codomal and strong ibruprofen for a few months. Have you tried a hot water bottle or hottie next to the pain when you are able to rest - not easy when you have a toddler; also I took manuka honey by the spoonful and in hot water with lemon. I started on a high strength such as 30+ then gradually lowered the strength of the honey.

Have you had a CT scan to see if there's an underlying cause for you to be recovering so slowly? That happened to me and I was put on inhalers from then on .

Hope you are feeling better soon. x

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I am allergic to diclofenic so can only have Codeine. I do find it takes 30 minutes to work and wears off before the four hours are up. There are other things you could have in addition to or instead of codeine. I would think a chat with your doctor is needed. Sooner rather than later. For me codeine takes the edge of severe arthritic pain. Everyone is different. The problem with codeine and any opiate is it causes constipation, for which your doctor can prescribe a suitable laxative.

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