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My son haspneumonia again!!!!

We're managing from home with co amoxiclav, this is the third pneumonia this year, may 10 days in hospital July 7 days in hospital, now third day on antibiotics... I can't cope!!!! For those who haven't read my previous posts he's 7 years old and had 20+ admissions with chest 😩😩😩😩 I'm just hoping he copes at home this time any recommendations as to what to do to help him from home x

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Sorry to hear your little boy sounds like he's having a rough ride feel for you lots of puzzles stories and cuddles me thinks hope he gets well very soon xx Angie

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I do remember your previous post in July. What a nightmare, poor child, poor you!

I know there's a pneumonia vaccine jab for adults so perhaps there's one for children.

I can only suggest doing everything you can to rebuild his immune system, particularly to get him through the winter. Perhaps you need to speak to a nutritionist to check the top levels for a child. I know my daughter gives hers daily vitamin and minerals, child pre-biopics, a daily tonic during & after being poorly along with extra pre-biotic. This is really working and they aren't going down so badly with the viral infections which bring on asthma attacks and chest infections.

Weirdly the medical profession don't seem to be interested in prevention.

I'd take him for something like reflexology which is brilliant.

Another thing you could do is to call the BLF help line 03000 030555 office hours to see what the experts suggest.

All the very very best to your son for getting well. Peege


Sorry to hear this. I hope he gets well very soon. With my children I make sure they eat healthy, vitamins if in doubt, keep feet warm, chest warm. It takes a while to recover from pneumonia so make sure he gets lots of rest even months after... seems like he is prone to relapse. At the first sign of cold use nasal rinse so it does not go to chest (I think it really helps- kids find it difficult at first but quickly get the hang of it....). Lots of hand washing and Vitamin C. I hope you can break the cycle. Cheers xxx


I just saw this and haven't read your other posts, does your son have a diagnosis of any underlying conditions that can cause such frequent chest infections? Has he been properly assessed by a specialist hospital? I was wondering if he has an infection that has not really responded to the antibiotics he's been given, did they send off a sample of his sputum for analysis?


HIyas.. I feel for you and your boy too. Yes build his immune system, give probiotics for his tummy, the health of the stomach really important they begin to dsicover now.

I have COPD and N acetyl cysteine ( readup on it) helps reduce mucous and boosts Glutathione, anti oxident in Liver.. alos really good for lungs.

I also use essential oils.. read up on them.. they can be strongly anti-viral, anti- bacterial and mixes can be made up, rubbed on soles of feet, chest, or put into a vapouriser.

I use some homeopathy.. orthodox medecine says this is just placebo... actually, I know and have experienced otherwise.. it does not fit into the scienetific materialist model and its cheap so a threat big buisness.

Complementary approached can be gentle and supportive.

I have COPD 3.. I do not use drugs and nebulisers at present as they give me lethargy and depression.. so I keep myslef going through exercise and other means.. however, I may be different.

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I have just had a quick look at your other posts. He has had a rough time! My son, now 18, had awful aspergillus problems when he was younger, as well as constant lung infections and I can really sympathise. However, he was diagnosed (quite late) with Cystic Fibrosis. Has your lad been tested for this? Sometimes even the standard test, the sweat test, can miss atypical CF (and there is another test they can do at some specialist centres if there are still concerns), and also some medics think that it always involves digestion and children with this are underweight etc, but this isn't always the case. Many medics won't have seen a child with CF, particularly if it's a late diagnosis, babies in the UK are tested at birth for CF but even this (heel prick test) can miss a few cases as well. I don't want to worry you, but you look as if you are getting desperate for some sort of answer about what's going on with your little boy and from what I read I would suggest this is a possible avenue to follow up if you have not already done so.


Keep him turned during sleep, or when he spends long period lying. Do Not take him to church, or anywhere into crowds. Parenting specials needs children, whatever the special need is, physical, mental, or both is so stressful. My heart and prayers are with you. Jan


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