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Hi looking for advice/information. Does anyone else have low blood pressure when you get an infection? Mine seem to drop to my boots. Just getting over another bout of pneumonia. I go down really fast but seem to bounce back reasonably well (chest and cough wise) but my blood pressure is a slippery customer. Really wondering if this is normal? Thanks

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Hi Linda8p. A few things could cause a drop in blood pressure so guessing won't help. Mine drops when I am dehydrated though. You could try drinking more water and see if it helps but if you are at all worried do consult your doctor.

Thanks mrsmummy I drink lots especially water. But I understand what you mean. If I have an infection I get a temp. I usually end up with intravenous antibiotics and saline. X

Hiya Linda The only time I can remember the doctor saying I had normal blood pressure was once last year when I had lost a load of weight, but before then and since I've put it all back on with all the steroids it's always low, I've never questioned it cos they have never asked any questions or made a fuss so I thought that it must be ok, but I'm really quite poorly at the moment and I'll be interested in finding out off the specialist tomorrow about this and I also have a lot more questions s coming his way too, so I'll let you know. Hope your feeling a lot better today. Xx

Thank you it would be great to know how you get on. Hope your consultant has answers for you. Sorry your so poorly at present. I will be Thinking of you tomorrow. Good luck.

I have collapsed a few times due to low blood pressure and on admittance to hospital they have diagnosed a chest infection / pneumonia. Other times, my blood pressure is fine. xx Moy

Thanks Moy same here guess it's just down to pneumonia and infection. Thank you keep well.

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