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Not sure who gave me the name of a prescription called caboncistene to help me regain my total loss of smell. I did research it n there are many drugs i am unable,to take due to having many bleeding ulcers n a transfusion. And the medicine suggested sounded like a life saver but i am unable to take it. Except any information about loss of all sense of smell ty

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I couldn't smell for months. Not even toxic fumes! I have asthma so took steroids for two weeks along with a month of antibiotics. I can finally smell! Do you have inflammation in your sinuses?

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Pinky2017 in reply to kdr112

I dont know honestly . noonecever tested me . dont do well on steroids . they cause fever n chills .and i am allergic to most antibiotics . ty i will look into it

I thought carbocisteine is for making mucus less sticky.

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Robathlone in reply to Petejh

Its to soften mucus,nothing to do with smell

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