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Smelling burning in an evening

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Hi Folks me again, I forgot to add this to my last post. Over the mast 5/6 weeks I smell burning or smells like something scorched only in an evening when I am sat watching tv. There is nothing cooking or burning and I am not sure what is causing this, Has anyone else had this happen ? is it copd related.? I feel like I'm gradually falling apart with various things. XX

36 Replies
Donald_1931 profile image

I sometimes get those mysteries cooking smells in the evenings, usually slightly spicy smells that I would never cook for myself. I’ve always assumed that it was floating in from one of my neighbours. We COPD folk develop very sensitive noses wary of dangerous pongs. Living on my own, with few visitors, I con’t get a second opinion, I doubt most would even notice it. That falling apart feeling has a positive side, at least you are still aware of your surroundings. 😀

Gladys27 profile image
Gladys27 in reply to Donald_1931

That made me laugh - I too live alone so know what you mean. x

Littlepom profile image

I have had this on and off for about 20 years. Always like woodsmoke. I have no idea what causes it.

Donald_1931 profile image
Donald_1931 in reply to Littlepom

Funnily I get a slight woodsmoke smell from my pee when taking antibiotics and steroids. 🤔

Littlepom profile image
Littlepom in reply to Donald_1931

that’s interesting Don

Fircone profile image
Fircone in reply to Donald_1931

so do I Don, I think it’s the antibiotics.

Gladys27 profile image
Gladys27 in reply to Littlepom

Cant be serious if you have had it for 20 years so thats a plus :)

Littlepom profile image
Littlepom in reply to Gladys27

Yes I'm not worried about it. There seems to be no rhyme or reason when it appears.

Caspiana profile image

Hello Gladys. You are experiencing phantosmia also known as a phantom smell. There could be several reasons for this , the most common being rhinitis, hay fever, nasal polyps or a sinus infection. Very uncommonly this can be caused by a brain tumor (but unlikely). Do you have hay fever? Coming into spring the pollen count might be high? xx 😊👋


Tryfan profile image
Tryfan in reply to Caspiana

Weird. But thank you. My wife always said it was her late Dad. A heavy smoker come to visit her. I'll let her keep thinking it was. She found it comforting.

Gladys27 profile image
Gladys27 in reply to Tryfan

ha ha yes best to keep quiet about that x

MiniGirl22 profile image

Omg - I get this too! I had been wondering about this. Thank you for posting. :-)

Trishe profile image
Trishe in reply to MiniGirl22

Hi all, I get this burning smell often too and in the evenings, I go through the house to look if anything is actually burning, my husband can't snell it tho, just me, I'm so pleased I'm not on my own or going mad.Trish

Linsforbes profile image

thought it was just me😃

Gladys27 profile image
Gladys27 in reply to Linsforbes

Looks like there a whole lot of us :)

Fircone profile image

I’ve had something similar too. I’ve noticed mine can appear when I’m very stressed. It’s a smell like no other so I liken it to ozone though I don’t know what that smells like. A sort of burnt smell. As Caspiana says it’s phantosmia. I haven’t investigated mine because it can come and last a few weeks and then go and has been going on like this for many years now.

Polly-PV profile image

Yes Gladys27, I usually get it when in bed and lying down before sleep. However, I tripped last year and ended up with a right shiner…..bruise still ever so slightly there and doc says the phantosmia is as a result of the fall.

Gladys27 profile image
Gladys27 in reply to Polly-PV

I am sure the docs dont know so make things up :) :)

GintyFerguson profile image

Probably a wood burning stove somewhere outside. I am surrounded and keep windows and vents shut in the evening.

Gladys27 profile image
Gladys27 in reply to GintyFerguson

I thought same but its not that very definitely a smell that seems to come from nowhere

CDPO16 profile image

Yes, I have had this recently. It was disconcerting at first but a relief that there wasn't really anything on fire. Nice to know I'm not the only one with this experience.

pegbl profile image

count me in, I thought I was losing it keep going round the house especially in the evening sniffing, I was sure I could smell something burning 🙈🙈🙈

Alberta56 profile image

Welcome to the falling apart club. Just when I think I can't possibly get any more ailments, they think up a new one to inflict me with. xxx

Gladys27 profile image
Gladys27 in reply to Alberta56

Thank you for your reply - yep its a strange one but nothing surprises me anymore :) we just have to get on with it x

beech profile image
beech in reply to Alberta56


watergazer profile image

👋. Yes I experience this most nights now like a wood burning/cigarette smell. My husband can’t smell it. I think it started when my sinuses were blocked I am sensitive to smells anyway. Iike Cas said I read it’s phantosmia You’re not cracking up 😂 xx

Gladys27 profile image
Gladys27 in reply to watergazer

:) thats so reassuring, I havent completely lost it x

watergazer profile image
watergazer in reply to Gladys27

not me! 😀

Chip_y2kuk profile image

Are you on prednisolone?

Izb1 profile image

Isn't this strange, I lost my sense of smell a few years ago, although I do sometimes get a brief smell of perfume or cooking that lasts a second then goes. I do however sometimes when getting ready for bed smell something burning and end up coming back down to check I haven't left something on. I wonder if its something to do with our sinus's getting infected??? x

Gladys27 profile image
Gladys27 in reply to Izb1

I think we are all at a loss x

knitter profile image

snap , nobody else can smell the smoky smell.

Mind you when we moved into our previous house , every evening we all smelt a burning fishy stink . Turned out it was the old plastic light fittings ….when they got hot the smell was horrid .

when I am on a high steroid dose , I can smell traffic fumes that no one else can . Car parks and London were shocking.

Gladys27 profile image
Gladys27 in reply to knitter

Oooh not a nice smell, i hope it goes eventually x

Jaybird19 profile image
Jaybird19 in reply to knitter

yes i kept smelling that fishy smell and we blamed the cat s that the previous owner had --- but it was the light fittings . though i did find cat fur on the stairs . ( open plan stairs a with carpet round each tread and black fur stuck to the carpet under the actual stair, had to vacuum twice as much carpet because of that got rid of that but smell lingered until we found out about the plastic getting hot.

Jaybird19 profile image

yes burning ---toast and blamed the neighours as no windows open so thought house was not built very well so went round looking a=for cracks in walls ! a lot of us are sensitive to perfumes and things so maybe this is another for us all.

Ergendl profile image

Yes, I get this as a warning I'm coming down with a cold, or towards the end of a cold. I try to avert the infection with nasal rinses and throat gargles. It's like misinformation from the scent cells in the nostrils going to the brain.

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