Lung age very high???

Hi everyone,

so today I went to a new primary care doctor and they did the spirometry test because i told them i smoke 1/2-1 pack of cigarettes a day and was looking to quit.

I have tried e-cigarettes, the gym, a hypnotist, everything!

I am 27 years old and she told me my lung she is 80!!! I am completely devastated and filled with anxiety now. I am so scared. She prescribed me Wellbutrin to help me quit which I have heard works very well.

Anyone else have a similar situation? This number really scares me :(

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  • Only 80?apparently my lungs are 84 and I'm actually 57.I also have arthritis and my joints are 80.Don't worry about it,it's all just numbers anyway.I quit smoking 18 months ago by using e-cigs and vaping,so keep on trying and good luck.

  • Yes, but i'm 27 and my lung age is 80!!!

  • Really is that how you feel 80 or is this just some doctor saying that to scare the heck out of you. I mean smoking is not good for you for sure but sometimes I think wow can they really see into my body?!

  • One more thing I want to say you can do it! And also you might want to detox your lungs by taking a huge deep breath in and exhaling it really fast. The lungs are part of the way we detox our body along with sweating and peeing and pooping so do that 10 times three times a day or whenever you feel you need to. I think we need to do this as much as we can. But make sure you're sitting down cuz you could get lightheaded.

  • Brittany give up smoking if you are as worried as you say you are .It is totally possible - I quit smoking when I was 25 , I was so fed up with cigarettes that I decided to stop .I did read 'how to stop smoking ' by Allen Carr which I found a great help to change my approach to stopping and also positive reasons to do so . I didn't smoke for 12 years but then went through a 'bad period during which I resumed smoking again for 12 years - I had always kept up a modicum of exercise and found my lungs were generally fine .4 ears ago just before my 50th birthday I took up intense physical training and was also working amidst dusty conditions and I knew it was time to stop smoking again .I stopped abruptly from one day to the next no problem however I suddenly had bresthing problems and hsd to go to hospital wherr I was told I have COPD . I continue to live smoke free and am physically active but rue the day I started smoking again .I use an inhaler every other day and though I exercise I feel my lung capacity is diminished and wish so much I could turn it around as one's breath/breathing is everything for a good healthy and enjoyable life .I'm trying to say to you Brittany to firstly ignore the doctor's age evaluation of your lungs as fortunately you are only 27 and trust me if you make the decision to stop smoking and live as healthy lifestyle as possible your lungs will cean out and rejuvenate with time and you will be eternally grateful you did so as damaged lungs are very uncomfortable and can be distressing but breathing healthfully is empowering ! good luck !

  • I got my doctor to refer me to the stop smoking cessation program. I asked to be accountable and met with a nurse first after one week and then once a month . Each time if I was still smoke free she gave me nicoreete and my nicoderm patches for another month . I am now almost 7 months smoke free . That program saved me! Sounds to me that u need to decide to quit and get healthy. Really!! U are only 27 years old .Its really not that hard to quit if you REALLY want to LIVE ..!!!!!!

  • Yes i know.. I am going to quit now for sure. I am so worried and that really scared me. I couldn't even believe it and honestly feel like it is wrong.. there are people who smoke for 30+ years and their lung age isn't 3x their age like mine is. :(

  • once again Brittany don't focus on alleged age speculation of your lungs just deal with it by stopping smoking firstly then concentrate on ways of rejuvenating yourself . . a month or so you will already feel the benefits as for a year or two ahead there'll be no looking back ! your body has the power to clean out all the toxins

  • Nicoreete chewing gum worked for me.

  • Interesting because that's what got me off the cigarettes 7 years ago but I can't get off Nicorette gum now!

  • better than smoking tho! i wish i could get hooked on the gum! haha today is my first day not smoking.. so far so good but i have only been up a few hours :)

  • Yes better than ciggies!! What I found with the gum it took that edge away of wanting to have something! I didn't vape as they weren't out then but I look at people vaping and wish I did it lolol - I can't though I know it would lead me back to the ciggies. I had to get out of the habit of using my hand to mouth cigarette action!

    Good luck 😉 ignore the lung age thing as I said earlier they must tell everyone the same

  • I'm 47 and my lung age at last count was 113! But it's only a number. I work and live life to the full. Don't fret too much and get hung up on numbers. That's all they are.

  • Well how about this? I am 67 years and been told I have the the lungs of a 180 year old athlete. That is the same 3 times. I still work full-time as a production engineer and not on oxygen. So go figure that one. You are very scared and shocked, so use that to your advantage to quit smoking, I quit, cold turkey, without trouble using the scare as motive and was a heavy smoker for 55 years.

    You will need to change your lifestyle to reduce the decline of your lung function and give you a fighting chance at living a reasonably normal life. When you have a diagnosis of what is actually wrong then come back here for advice from people who have the same condition.

  • Giving a 'lung age' is not any help to anyone, and how many 180 year olds have been tested to make that comparison.........I would guess none.

    Try not to worry, cheers Ian.

  • Precisely, numbers are just numbers, it is how you feel that matters. If you can still do things then carry on doing them, as my consultant says "The more you do the more you can do and the better off you will be later on"

  • Anyone know any 180 year old athletes?

  • I know 1. He has 2 parrots (Greys). :D

  • get on to vaping now, Before its to late, life is short enough

  • Hello Brittany, please please stop smoking. Your lung age predicted by a spirometry test is not necessarily an accurate reflection. However, it does show that smoking is effecting your lungs. At 27 yrs old you have every chance of turning things around and will probably find after completely stopping for a while your spirometry figures will improve greatly. Its easy for me to say, but don't be scared, just take action now. It might not feel like it, but you are lucky to have had a warning while you are so young. Good luck. Carolx

  • I used Allen Carr's easy way to stop smoking and gave up cold turkey on a holiday. I can now see all my excuses I used to blame others for my habit! My lungs are "back to normal" . It is not easy but you know what to do!

  • brittany903

    Hi, if finding out that your lungs are aged ahead your body age you still have time to get out of the habit before the lungs will let you down forever, then you have a big problem because they do not mend. If this doesn't frighten you into giving should. I thought I was clever & smoked, now I have explored every way of getting some strength/stamina/breath into my system, unfortunately each & every avenue has come back negative there is nothing left.

    Please do not let this happen to you whilst you have time on your side, get off it, I had to along with many others on this site.


  • quit now and you may recover some of the affected lung young enough..

  • Do it while you still have a chance. I left it too late to stop and now my lungs are aged 132. Haven't smoked for 15 years but the damage is done. If you truly want to give up, you will do it as it's really not as difficult as some would suggest.

  • thank you everyone for the kind words and encouragement.. i'll let you know how i'm doing with quitting!

  • I stopped smoking at 51 - I attended the doctors for the smoking cessation clinic and six months later I was told my lungs were 80 years old! Now how do they know this? I was freaked out! 7 years on not smoking and regularly excercising I still am 80 in lung years (I don't believe them) my copd isn't getting better but it's not getting worse because i'm not smoking and i'm excerising - even though it's hard word I know I have to.

    Cigarettes are very addictive but putting the money away every day in a jar and then buying a designer bag or shoes gave me motivation. I know now I don't have enough puff in me to smoke a cigarette and I used nicorette gum to stay stopped but heck - i'm still chewing nicorette gum now!

    At least the gum won't make my lungs worse

    Maybe you needed a shock to stop? Good luck

  • Yes i think that is what i needed- the shock factor. I haven't smoked yet today, i do have the gum and also a vape so i am trying that to help. my doctor gave me wellbutrin so i started that today as well and i will be going back to see her in 1 month!

    it's nice to hear people can really quit and be happy that they are no longer a smoker. it's crazy to imagine life without cigarettes right now as wild as that sounds haha

  • There is a Quit site on HealthUnlocked that may help.

  • I wouldn't worry too much about it. When I quit smoking at 22, I had to stop to catch my breath just going on a leisurely walk on the beach. A few years later, I'm going on 6 mile runs.

    Your lungs function will increase after you cut out the fags. You'll feel like you want to start smoking again for at least a few months, but you'll feel much better for quitting.

  • Brittany the best way that I have found to quit is making your mind up. The mind is so powerful and just try to tap into resolve that's within you. Ciggies do NOT RULE YOU you rule them. Please don't hesitate to use this site and peoples wisdom. One day I just stold at the toilet and had my own ceremony of taking each dirty little cigarett and saying goodbye! It was so liberating. I think because I resolved in my heart just to get rid of them that it was fairly easy after I had done my little ceremony and everything. It really did sell me on the power of my mind. I have to admit that I did try twice prior to that as well I did everything is well and nothing worked so I found for myself the only thing that worked was me. I don't know if this is going to help you but I'm just sharing with you what I went through.

  • The fact that your 'lung age' is so high at such a young age clearly shows it can have nothing to do with smoking. The very term 'lung age' is really very misleading. It is derived from your FEV1 number (forced expiratory volume). I was falsely diagnosed with stage 4 COPD based on one test (incorrectly conducted) and this one number. Of course it is a good idea for anyone to stop smoking. But I would suggest you go for a second test and get a second opinion. I have smoked a lot for more than 50 years but a second doctor told me I have chronic fatigue not a chronic respiratory disorder. Yes I have difficulties breathing with minor activities (do you???) but breathing is affected by many things, including stress, fatigue and HOW you breathe. Most people breathe the wrong way. I would recommend researching the Buteyko breathing method and exercises. Reduced lung capacity or FEV says nothing in itself about your lung or general health. It is another questionable example of 'medicine by numbers'. What is important is any actual symptoms you have, which may be as much if not more related to your life as a whole than any pseudoscientific medical diagnosis. And 'lung age' is not even a proper medical diagnosis.

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