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I'm fed up being ill.....anything I can do?

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It's been 7 wks now I have been suffering with breathing difficulties. X-ray confirms I have pneumonia, after 3 rounds of antibiotics and 2 rounds of steroids and a blue inhaler I'm still suffering. I'm not coughing as much but when I breath it hurts, a kind of burning irritated sensation. There has been a few jabbing lung pains too. At times I worry this is developing into something else i.e. Pleurisy or is this just part of the pneumonia clearing up. I don't know. My upper back is sore, appears to be muscular possibly due to breathing irregularities and using different muscles. I'm back at work, but only part time. I find walking, talking or generally exerting myself renders me breathless. I have a follow up X-ray end of this week or next, I'm waiting on the GP to confirm they've made the referral.

Any words of support and encouragement to get me through this. Today I'm feeling generally fed up with it all.

Thank you in advance for your words,


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Hi Suzanne I am still not right after my bout of pneumonia, I still get very breathless like yourself. I am so fed up of it. Hope you feel better soon love Bernadette 😳 xxx

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Awww bless, it really is debilitating. Please look after yourself Bernadette and Im sending positive healing vibes and I hope it gets easier for you too. xxx

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I'm currently taking antibiotics and steroids, my sputum specimen showed that I had pneumonia as well as COPD. I feel great now, but I know when the steroids are finished they will let me down with a bump. I also know from experience that once I'm over that I'll be fine again. Steroids hide the pains and other complaints that you had before and had learnt to ignore.

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That makes perfect sense to me. I ended a course of steroids on Sunday and today I feel worse than I was. Energy levels are low today and as soon as I was home from work I was asleep. Thanks for the insight Don.

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papilon in reply to Hidden

Hi Don. I used to come down with a bump too. Awful feeling. Had a word with my doctor and he put me on a prolonged course that after your 7 days, instead of just stopping, you take 5, then 4 etc. Works well and you come off a lot easier.

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Did you smoke?

I had six months off work some years ago and I can remember feeling absolutely shattered when I went back. Just thinking is a strain, never mind doing anything! Do hope you are feeling better soon, and feeling more in control soon xx

Thank you, truly appreciate your kind words. I hope you're up to full strength and health now.


Feel for you,hope you feel better soon.alan..

Hi Suzanne, I don't think you should be back at work so soon, can the doctor give you a sick certificate.

Pneumonia can take months to get over.

The pain you describe and other symptoms are typical of pneumonia but do check in with the doc if you feel your lungs are getting worse again.

Rest is important for recovery.

Hope you are feeling better soon. Take good care.

Hi Suzanne, What are you doing back at work!!! You need to allow yourself to recover at your own pace. At work you have to do the things that stress you ie talking, explaining why you feel ill etc....we here understand and I hope that you have a good doctor who will speed you through the system to get a speedy recovery.

all the best


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Sooshandy in reply to Annieosb

Thank you Annie,

I took on your advice and I'm off again and taking it easy.

Really appreciate your support,

Hope you are back to full strength and fitness.


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Good, you need to be.....just relax, read and do whatever you want

Best wishes


I was like it for months and months its a waiting game x

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Yeah, I'm realising this now. I've normally got great health, so this has side swiped me. It's amazing how we take our health for granted.

Hope you have fully recovered.


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CEC47 in reply to Sooshandy

At the moment I have caught whooping cough from i don't know who feeling a bit rubbish, but I will get there take care.x

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your support and advise. Just to keep you updated, I went to see my GP and she agreed with you, that I should not be at work. I spoke to my boss last Friday and I'm off this week and will take it a week at a time.

Back on another round of oral steroids and an extra inhaler. I have an X-ray planned for tomorrow and my friend recommended an acupuncturist, so I'll see her tomorrow too.

My chest isn't as sore this week and I'm coughing less. But I'm less active. What Ive noticed is the symptoms flare up when I'm more active. How do I balance this out? Being active and having light exercise is important, but I don't want to over do it. I guess I need to listen to my body.

I hope everyone is well and not suffer too much. Hugs to all!



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