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pseudomonas lung infection

Hi All, Just joined Healthunlocked and trying to see what other people do with this pseudomonas lung infection. I have had this for 7 years that I know of and probably many years longer. Most of the time I feel good but my sputum test always come back with the P. infection along with Aspergillis infection. I also have Asthma and Bronchiestasis . I take about 3 time a year Ciproflaxin and Nebulize Tobrymicin . I am 70 years old and exercise regularly and feel healthy most of the time I Live in the US.

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Hi there daleb. It sounds as though you are doing all of the right things. I am 67 and have bronch since I was 3. I have been colonised with pseudo since 1986. The aim is to keep the numbers low enough so that we can live a normal life. I nebulise ceftazidime every day, take cipro 750 bd for 14 days if it starts to have a party and now have arrangements to access IV if after one week cipro I feel no better. I haven't had to use that yet so fingers crossed. There is now an idea that giving IV abs three times each year whether or not we have a flare up, could keep the numbers down. They do this with cystics. So far I have refused this as I am not sure about it.

I hope that helps.


Hi Daleb,

My dad has copd and initially pseudomonas was his usual bug. At the time he was in his mid 70's. He was treated using iv ceftazidine treatments 3xday for 2 weeks with a gap of 8 weeks between treatments.

Within 2 years the pseudomonas stopped coming up in sputum tests.

He still has infections and exacerbations but now he gets a variety of bugs popping up. Mostly he has infections of serratia mascescens which seems very hard to treat but we at least keep it suppressed. He recently developed the complication of mycobacterium infection which we tried to treat but the regime was too much for him ( tablets every day for 2 years with very harsh side effects ) That just has to remain untreated now though the 3 months he did manage to stay on it have really improved his lung health.

The pseudomonas however has never appeared again so I'd say the ceftazidine was very effective for that. For his age (83) dad is doing amazingly well and oxygen levels have been in the mid to occasional high 90's for several months now.

To me 70 sounds like you're definitely young enough to have a great chance to fight this bug with the right treatment regime and enjoy years and years of a much healthier future.

Good luck and all the best,



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