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Does your country offer you this if you are a lung patient? I read about this on alot of your posts. I am kinda new to site from usa and i never heard of this,what is sad is iI worked in hospitals but i just never saw or heard of this. We did send people to rehab with their oxygen but once they were discharged out there were no more rehabs thst im aware of unless they did on own. It may be here i really don't think so. It may be kinda different in Great Britain, but here in usa if you have just no insurance but medicare they do not offer anything. And you pay for it if so,20% of everything. I am just curious how your country is? Will not be on till tomorrow hope someone answers. Thank you. Your site is way way better than ours!

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  • Hi Lin76,

    In the UK many people with lung diseases can attend a PR (pulmonary rehabilitation) course run by trained nursing staff. We are taught about the cause of the illness, how to minimise the effects by diet, exercise and a positive outlook.

    Lots more information about PR here blf.org.uk/support-for-you/...

    Best wishes

  • Yes we are also lucky to get this free as it is run by our NHS. (NAtional Health Service) and the course is 7 weeks, twice a week for 2 hours. They teach you exercise that you can then do at home. It is run by NHS trained physiotherapists. It is an excellent course to motivate you to exercise. Hope you find something.

  • Thank you. How wonderful. I understand why,it saves your country money in the long run..we here in usa could improve care for patients. There is nothing like that here at least in my state. If you have welfare,yes you can join a YMCA and seim and exersice but i get 102 dollars too much to qualify for any free help. I may be able to get a reduced rate,but have no way of getting there. Have access a disabled PAY out of pocket but it is expensive if you have to use as often as I do for all other needs. We don't have transportation free even for drs unless you have firm diagnosis of cancer. My disease is borderline cancer/ auto immune so I will check into it. Maybe..you "jump through many hoops",and I will exersice here at home. Your website here motivates me,its excellent. People friendly,have humor,and great stories to share. Thanks again and have a great day.

  • There is a network of Better Breather support groups in the U.S. Lin76. The link here gives one to click on which will enable you to see if there's one near to you. They support people with a wide range of lung diseases. Also there is the COPD Foundation website and Efforts (Emphysema Foundation for our Right to Survive), both based in the U.S. - don't know if you've checked them out.

    Im sorry it's so hard for you to get decent healthcare - sadly our NHS is going in the same direction but so far we can still get PR for free though it varies around the country. There are lots of youtube videos demonstrating PR exercises as well as the great link given above by Y_not.

  • Wow thank you did not know! I will check this out,such valuable info! I got emphysema copd and Langerhan so I will watch YouTube videos!! This just my day :) Thanks again!

  • Made my day..sorry bout that. Thanks for taking time to help me

  • You're welcome Lin :)

  • I know from reading that it is available at least in some states and cities, but like everywhere, including the UK it is not always easy to access. As for transport, it is usually only available if you are in a wheelchair or have cancer. Some things are the same the world over, but I know that on the whole we are very fortunate. The NHS has been very good to me, and without it I wouldn't be here at all. I do hope the YouTube videos help xx

  • Thankyou Maree. Awesome that you visited. I never saw the Grand Canyon. Went by it once on a bus to visit my uncle in L. A. California. Its on my bucket list. Im in the East a state called Pennsylvania. We are on eastern time zone. It took 3 days on bus from here to California,the canyons are on mountain time. That was driving in bus with 45 minutes as longest rest site all the rest were for the bathroom and a drink only. I did get to see the canyons in Cali. But they are small compated to the grand canyon. Have a nice day :)

  • Hi Lin,

    I'm in Australia and we also have Pulmonary Rebhab which consists of exercise and information sessions, run by specialised nursing staff. There is also a pulmonary gp on hand if participants wish to consult. I visited the US last year - loved the Canyon Lands!

  • Thanks for all the answers about your countries exercise programs. I have not looked into it here. Taking baby steps yet till after i get to a proper doc. Its so humid here today going to exercise in doors. Been kinda sick last few days. Feels like flu already?

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