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Online pulmonary rehab

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Hi Im new to the group, was wondering if anyone has done the virtual pulmonary rehab course and if so any information would be gratefully appreciated

Thanks in advance

14 Replies
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I did Pulmonary Rehab on Zoom during Covid. I found it very useful. There were 5 in our group so you felt you got to know the others. We were all sent a Lycra exercise band in advance of the course and had all had about an hour 1 on 1 with the physio on line as well.

Exercises were all things that we could easily do in the home. Each session had a topic eg using inhalers correctly or diet and then we moved onto the exercise. For those who want it the exercise part is still offered twice weekly on line. I don’t use it because I go to the gym but if I was housebound I would.

Grab the chance to do this course on line. You are very lucky.

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I'm starting in January after 2 years waiting for it. I'm looking forward to it

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hi, a warm welcome to you. I did my PR course in 2013/14 so not on line. It was absolutely brilliant and I'd do it on line in a heartbeat. Explanatios on why particular exercises are good, the care & knowledge of the respiratory physiotherapists excellent. There are many things I learnt in the education section that I remember and use today. Priceless.

There may be a dvd designed for lungies still available in the forums shop. Good luck with it all. P

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This might be of interest. It is not a video but it is easy to follow.

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Collienut in reply to Troilus


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I do yoga breathing when I need to, attend the gym and have recently purchased an air physio, to help mehuff and rid the lungs of sputum.

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Hello I did an online course this year not zoom or anything else like it.

I was sent the whole course by email, there were many different parts and tasks to undertake, and each part had to be completed before you can move on to next one, it was many different exercises, even weights and walking.

I had attended PR before in person which I found to be helpful, there was also lots of information to read regarding COPD and tests on the various writings that I read.

The course was enjoyable even though I did it alone, and also as before I became stronger in body and my breathing was much improved, I do hope you enjoy it and benefit from it as much as I did. Good luck. Joan x

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I’ve just finished my online PR course. I really enjoyed it. 🙂 For me, it was great not having the stress and energy of travelling to and from the hospital. Being in the comfort of my own home meant I could ensure I had privacy, space and the right temperature. I observed an improvement in my exercise tolerance. I’m glad I did it. I was a bit skeptical but it was good. Do you have any specific questions? Happy to answer.

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eleanordigby in reply to crashdoll

I’m due to do a zoom one with the Brompton in January. Like you I’d much prefer not to have to get to a draughty hall, or mix with other people who are probably carrying viruses at this time of year. I don’t know how long it is but I’m really hoping it’ll build my exercise tolerance, which after being ill and then in hospital for 3 weeks is nearly zero. I’m trying to do a few sit to stands etc but get so breathless and my leg muscles have turned to mush! 🎶 The only way is up! 🎶

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crashdoll in reply to eleanordigby

I did mine with the RBH. It was good and I hope it helps you as much as it did for me. You can do your own pace and I noticed I was definitely much more able by the end. It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t so hard that I felt unmotivated- if that makes sense? Good luck!

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eleanordigby in reply to crashdoll

Oh that’s great to know! Yes that makes sense to me. Hopefully I’ll be ready for it by Jan because right now I’m completely washed out 😕 It’s probably the effect of all the horrible drugs. And I haven’t had any fresh air for over a month. Moan moan!

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Alberta56 in reply to eleanordigby

Good luck. I'm sure you'll benefit. xxx

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hi and welcome. Have not done the virtual rehab but it sounds interesting 🐞

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I did pulmonary rehab 3 years ago (not on zoom). It was enjoyable and very helpful. I would like to do a refresher course, but I think that will have to be on zoom. (With my husband watching- huh! I feel like the clown in a circus.)

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