Water, CKD, IdPF

Can anybody help? My kidney function was improving I moved from 39GFR to 66GFR then my lung specialist had to restrict my water intake to 1 ltr, because of lung and heart issues and the GFR last week dropped to 46! I was on 2 ltrs per day before. Diet the same just the change in fluids which have brought a vast reduction in feet swells and clearer lungs. Asked the Kidney specialist he just said to follow the advice given. But surely there is an alternative?

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  • Hi Joke, that's pretty infuriating isn't it ? Is 1 litre daily the amount of fluid people with heart and lung problems should be consuming ? I spend so much time every day reprimanding myself for not drinking more and trying to avoid dehydration. I certainly don't get to two litres a day but drinking lots of fluids is one of the ways that I thought we could help our bodies flush out impurities etc. Now, I'm puzzled. But you must be much more puzzles and annoyed. Obviously, drinking lots is going to help flush out your kidneys but I never thought it could be negatively affecting lungs and heart.

  • Well I see her again soon early September and yes your right they say 8 cups a day is good!

  • Like BJ I have not heard of limiting fluid for lung disease. Maybe you could give the helpline a call on 03000 030 555 and chat to a nurse.

  • But on the other hand, they're always checking to see if your ankles are swollen. I always feel that that's a marker for heart disease but there's probably a crossover point between lungs and heart, with severe breathing difficulties. I've often heard of people having problems retaining 'water' but have never ever heard anyone being told to cut down their fluid intake. We live and learn apparently :)

  • No. heart disease not lung but it is all interrelated

  • Then you may get a more informed reply on a forum that deals with heart disease. :)

  • Hi - yes, if we are getting recurrent or severe edema it may be important to cut down on fluid intake (Doc will say if/when & how much to cut down by). I had to limit mine recently as I have had repeated bouts of severe edema - feet and legs badly swollen - and it wasn't responding well to diuretics. It's logic if you-think of it - if you are on meds trying to get rid of the excess water in your body, why would you add to it by drinking more than is absolutely necessary?

  • Thanks Pippa. It is logic

  • Just checking to see if you are doing okay. Haven't seen any posts.

  • Yes still motoring. Have bloods so will post soon. In hospital for lung at moment

    Thanks for interest

  • Sorry to hear, hope you don't have to stay long.

  • One month and counting

  • Not to worry. On mend

  • That's awful. I really hate going to the hospital even getting so I don't like going to doctors office either. Will you get to go home soon?

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