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Ok so here is my question. Even though sometimes emphysema can't be detected on a x-ray is it wrong for a radiologist to write the lungs are clear instead of informing you that you have emphysema even if it is definitely present and clear to see.

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If the radiographers as been ask to perform a x-ray for a specific reason, then the result can be clear. Despite the presence of other conditions, which may not be in his/remit to discuss. It's far better to wait for the results to be sent to your GP or Consultant to discuss the results.

X-rays are normal used to exclude any other causes.

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Thanks Stone. It has a huge problem for me. I have had three CT scans where I knew there were abnormalities and the radiologists bland reassurance were wrong, partly because they were not told what to look for. I have had to gently and politely ask for second opinions and in each my consultants were happy to go for it.

We tend to think that these imaging machines, X-rays, MRI, V/Q, HRCT, will do everything. But a little degree of healthy scepticism is necessary.


I had to have chest xrays to look for any abnormalities before starting medications and 2009 and 2013 they wrote my lungs were clear .. 2015 diagnosed with emphasema and then question how long.. now they are saying lungs weren't clear and it was apparent emphasema was there .. just think it's so wrong to not be told back then .. if it was cancer I wouldn't be here to yell the tale etc

Yes, you are so right. Radiologists can be blinkered. I have just had an X-ray. I am sure that it would show hyperinflated lungs, but it has come back as normal because they were only looking for pneumonia.

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