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Working with a resident with Covid

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Good morning to you all. I work in a supported living home. One of our residents is isolating with *mild* Covid. I have moderate Emphysema and recently Pleuresy. Any advice if I should be working while he has this? Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you all, Jo xxx

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Hi Jo, are you fully vaccinated? It’s all still such a worry. The thing being people don’t need to wear masks or socially distance and can even work with covid. Is there anyone you can speak to? What would your doctor advise? You can either wear a mask and keep away from the resident or stay off work for a few days. How do you feel about it? Xxx

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I agree with what sassy says get advice from your GP. Have a good day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

Good advice from sassy. If it was me I wouldn't be risking it.

It might also depend on the levels or standards of hygiene at your place of work, I'm thinking of communal areas at the very least, and whether or not you're fully vaccinated - & boosted.I dont think there's such a thing as mild covid unless you're the one who's succumbed to it so having a mild case of it.

Covid is covid and it's infectious.

I wouldn’t risk it. Mild for them doesn’t necessarily mean it would be a walk in the park for you, especially with underlying health conditions. Cx

I agree with everyone else.

It’s a difficult one. Yes must be very worrying for you but the trouble with current Covid situation is that you can catch from anyone for example on public transport or in a restaurant. At least with this situation you know there is an issue. You can be scrupulously careful within this setting at least.As suggested speak to gp if you can get hold of them!! Also what is work place suggesting in your situation? Do they have a plan in place for this situation?

Finally what I would say is I know of many examples where people have contracted Covid but no one else in household has!!

I would ask at work,specifically what the protocol is for you.Personally if it was me( and it's not) take every precaution to protect yrself,gown,mask,hand wash and gel

Yes difficult, if you can afford not to work, I think that would be best to stay out of all contact, even if you’re well vaccinated, have you had 4th booster jab yet. Hope you can contact doctor for advice and perhaps get jab. Jean x

Morning motorbike ihave still where my mask in local shop to get goods & if anybody still knockes the door being young 58 year i am still waiting for my 4 th jab mates of mine whom my age they only have the chest problems htey have all ad theres does anybody else still ware there masks

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Patk1 in reply to ghousrider

I'll b wearing mine in shops etc forever more to reduce risks of flu,colds,rsv,covid etc

Good morning I throught if any one got covid should stay away from them for 5 to 10 days like everyone given good advice I would speak to your doctor allso. And wear a mask all the best

At the very least you should be able to get your colleagues to agree that you do not work with this person until they test negative (or if they are not doing tests any more, then perhas about ten days). The difficulty of course is that one of them could catch it from him and without knowing, ie before symptoms develop, could pass it on to you.

I agree with everyone that the 'mild' aspect of his covid is totally irrelevant to your risk.

You’ve been given good advice above motorbike 12810 x

Thank you so much to everybody for the advice. I have spoken to my Manager and have been taken off duties concerning this resident. Have a great day to all xxx

Glad you’ve been reassured and helped appropriately. 🙂 Do you have a risk assessment? I’m a social worker so in and out of care homes and supported living, I had a personalised risk assessment when I was visiting people.

Yes, we have a risk assessment in place as of today. Better late than never. Waiting for 4th jab. Thanks, Jo

I don’t think so . But would you if had flu. This now become a bit crazy . But where mask do all the hand wash stuf. Buy a test .. I have amazing carers. Nigerian none been sick .me neither as my amune system with copd & various. Other rubbish . Ok .i 72 but had mallaria TB . Lived Africa . It all different We don’t need live in fear so be it . Oh yes . Country like you buy more funeral plans I been just lied to social services to old. Stressed . . My black rescue cat understands . Lots luv .

Could you take a few days off whilst the resident is contagious?

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