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Hi all, I am 65 and receiving State pension. I am still employed, but have been off sick with COPD. My doctor is trying me on different inhalers, but most have had bad side effects up to now.

I have been receiving SSP since January and I think you only get it for 28 weeks, am I able to claim anything after this runs out, or just wait and hope I am able to go back to work if I get a suitable inhaler?

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After Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) the next is Employment Support Allowance ESA.


Apparently does not apply if already claim state pension.

I thought if pension age you cant claim pip but can claim attendance allowance

Guess it depends on if still sick or returning to work

If you were 65 after April 2013 you would claim PIP. Before this date and it would be Attendance Allowance.

Hi Lilaclil, I have checked on the Gov.uk web site and if I read it right PIP is only for people aged 16-64, but these web-sites are never clear!

Hi Jeff, I am hoping to return to work, but I don't think I am ill enough to claim attendance allowance. I just get short of breath sometimes, I am in early stages of COPD and my doctor is trying to get me on a dual inhaler to keep infections at bay, but I have had some really bad side effects to some of the inhalers, one removed the lining of my stomach and gut, another caused depression.

My employer has requested a OH assessment, so I feel pressure from all sides at present.

Many thanks Stone

No they are not. I do know a couple of people who were 65 after April 2013 and were told they had to claim PIP not Attendance Allowance. Maybe they have changed it again? Who knows? It's a mystery :)

Yes Lilaclil, I think the make their web-sites a mystery so you give up.

I don't think I am ill enough to claim PIP or attendance allowance as I am in early stages of COPD and only get short of breath at times.

Gov.UK web site certainly doesn't explain, in plain language, what happens if you are still working after 65 and what you are able to claim when your SSP runs out.

Just as well I didn't defer my State Pension.

At least you can get your pension. I have to wait until 65 for mine because of the changes :(

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