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Went to Drs with other issues and mentioned my chest Well you havent got an infection now, he said so 2 days later started with cough mainly in the evening clear muscus at moment but the anoying thing is the gaging and gipping after l feel so embarrassed and my grandson said why are you making those noises it horrible Any advise on how to control it? x

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Pete does the same and we are all used to it. I hope the infection clears up soon. Xxxxx

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Hi, you can have extra mucus with out an infection but if you don't clear the mucus it can cause an infection. There are many natural ways to clear it and steam is probably the easiest. Buy some menthol crystals and drop just one or two crystals into a bowl warm water.. You can just leave this in the room where you are or pop a towel over your head and inhale gently. Put some in warm water in your bath and lay there inhaling the steam. Also drinking plenty of water can thin the mucus. I learnt this at pulmonary rehab and it really does make a difference. 😀


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