So brave

Hi I've not been on for ages .I still read your posts .my dad has copd .emphysema. osteoporosis. Siatica. Etc .I see how hard things are getting for him and it's hard to watch such a proud strong stubborn man start to slow down .I just want to say to you all I think you are all amazing and strong people for dealing with your illnesses everyday you should all be proud of yourself for not giving up .there is people out there who get a sniffle and it's end of world for them any way .you are all amazing people

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That's very kind and l agree there are some amazing people on here. Many battle through each day with such determination and positivity it's inspirational.

Sending hugs to your dear dad and to you for caring so much. Xxxxx

Awe that's a lovely thought magsjamie, don't forget we are getting older and would be slowing down anyway! Your Dad is lucky to have such a caring son. Love to you both Xx

What a kind comment, thank you.

I agree with you, there are many here that are so much worse than me that battle with their condition relentlessly, day after day without complaint. It is they that inspire me to push harder and further, just because I can.

Mags it is people like you who are showing such fortitude and courage looking after your dad that inspire us to keep going .so the feeling is wishes mike

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