Hi all I am a bit new to all this so hope you can help me. I have a appt to be seen in a copd clinic my first time does any one know what happens ... I have emphysema since dec2016 . Finding it hard to breath most morning have had 5 chest infections this year so far and my left shoulder blade hurts when I breath . Sorry to go on but worried .thanks in advance

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I take things that keep me from getting infections NAC N ACETYL CYSTEINE, Daliresp, Magnesium, CoQ 10. I also take my regular breathing prescriptions Advair and Spiriva I have been out of the hospital for 15 months and have had only one infection. My doctor called in a zip pack of antibiotics and Prednisone. The latter I didn't take as I try to stay off of unless I go to hospital and I am fine now. When I got out of the hospital 15months ago I was on oxygen 24/7 I now just use it once in awhile for recovery I go out and walk once a day for now and intend to increase to twice a day and I do this without oxygen I don't walk far and rest when I walk as I am trying to build up the muscles in my lungs I believe it is working

Do what i do when you wake up in the morning sit on the bed take 2 puffs of your blue ventolin pump and stay sitted for 5 mins do not move untill then then go do what you got to do and after a wiled you will see a difrance

Hello Lyn1955 .

I do understand being a bit nervous. I am sure we all were. I live in Japan so my experience would probably be a bit different so I don't know how to answer your question but I would say bring questions you'd like to ask , maybe inquire about pulmonary rehabilitation etc. Please relax. I am sure you will find it not as nerve wracking as you think. And really no need for any apologies. Will you let us know how it goes?

Take good care.

Cas xx 🐝🐞

hi caspiana thank you very much and yes I will let you know after I been in morning

Have you had a spirometry breathing test yet? 5 infections is a lot since January, let alone in a year. I presume you've had antibiotics for the infections?

hi james 48 yes I have had 2 spirometry so far this year don't know results as nurse did not say just made me this apt I have at the copd place tom. yes I have had antis all 5 times

Good luck with the apt Lyn and would be good to hear how you got on as there is plenty of support on here.


If you can remember, take a list of questions you'd like to ask. The people at the clinic have probably heard all your worries before from others with similar problems and can sympathise and help you, telling you what has worked for those others. Ask them if you are using your inhalers correctly - a simple thing, but often forgotten. Maybe ask them for some simple exercises to help your breathing and loosen up your shoulder and back. Tell them how you lie in bed when you are sleeping - maybe that position stiffens up your back and shoulder blade. Most of all - don't worry. The COPD staff want to help and they too enjoy it, when your confidence improves.

Good luck

thank you DecD

Don't be sorry to "go on"- that's what the group is for. Four puffs of ventolin , one at a time, through a spacer will help a lot. Rest between each puff.

thank you Mardi

yes thank you has helped a bit . my apt is tom morning at 1130 will come on here after to let you know how it goes thank you all for the advice

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