Pulmonary rehab and falling sats

Hi well I made it to PR only just last night falling sats again in the60 s this morning woke up they were 64. Took a couple of hours to recover any way made it to Rehab did Hour exercises 30 second each part my sats weren't to bad dropped to 83 but recovered to 87. I told the physio. About my sats she had a word with someone and phoned me this afternoon told me if they drop below 85 to phone doctor the matron is coming tomorrow I will speak to her she did say I might be retaining co2 again. If I am I will not cope with the mask again I have terrible sweats and am claustraphobic

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  • You made it though T2d and that's brilliant! One more step forward so now let's hope things are on the up. If sats drop below 85 then do phone the doctor and make your voice heard.

    Take care xxxx

  • Thank you I will I'm going to speak to matron tomorrow because they been going down tonight xxx

  • If your sats drop that low make them listen to you! x

  • Thank you I will I will be fed up if I end up back in hospital x

  • You will keep ending up somewhere until they get you sorted out properly. Well done for turning up at PR though. It may sound daft but the more exercise you do the fitter you will be and the higher your oxy sats will stay. As your muscles get stronger they will use less oxygen when you move about so your sats will stay higher. Keep at it. You come across as a very strong person and I am sure you will get there. xx

  • Thank you I don't feel strong but. I am hoping that I don't end up in hospital stopping me doing PR and loosing the matron again xx

  • Try to develop a positive attitude Margaret, keep saying to yourself "I can do it and I will do it". You have made a heck of a lot of progress in the last week or two and I'm really pleased for you. :-)

  • Thank you Don hopefully I'll get sorted 😷

  • Well done for attending PR and starting the programme. When is your next session? Friday?

    Do what they advise and make contact with people when sats very low. In the long run this needs sorting!

  • Thanks no Monday's and Wednesday's no Monday this week because of bank holiday and hospice Tuesday not exactly the social life I was expecting 6 month ago yes I will speak yo matron tomorrow.

  • Am sure true about social life BUT PR and hospice aim is to improve your situation so that you gain some control back over your life.

    Onward and upward!

  • Sounds daft, but any social life is better than none! You'll be dancing a flamenco in no time Margaret.

    Many blessings xxx

  • Thanks wouldn't that be something we could get a dance troop toghether lol we can but dream xxx

  • One more step to standing on your head. Keep it up you are doing so well by just going to your appointments. As for social life is there anything near home that you could go to. Out church has a drop in coffee morning once a month anyone is wellcome it's not a religious meeting you can stay ten minutes or an hour or more. I used to go before I moved and it was something to looked forward to. Bacon sandwich coffee or tea and a chat with people about all sorts they also had a book swap and a table of items for sale. There is one in this village too but I haven't got around to going yet but I will go this month it's the last Saturday in the month. Thank you Margaret you have given me a goal to meet. Take care. Rosabeth

  • Hi rosaBeth Unfortunatley nothing like that near by hope you get to the one in your village .Maybe one day will stand on head lol waiting for the Matron last time she Knocked us out of bed this time never slept all night thought Rehab would tire me out no such luck up and showered early no sign of her and I have a appointment with counsellor at 2 Sod's law they will come toghether may end up in hospital way my sats are hope not love Margaret x

  • Well done for getting to PR. I know you thought you might not make it so you must have made a huge effort. Hopefully you found it useful. Nice to get out of the house, anyway, and meet some different people! X Moy

  • Thank you very nearly didn't make it but gave it my best shot x

  • Hi Margaret, really pleased to hear that you got to your first PR class. Well done you!!

    It must be scary waking with your sats that low and I really hope they sort you out soon. Keep us posted please.

    Michelle x

  • Hi Michelle it s very scary having such low sats they are still not right but Matron reckons because they are recovering it's ok however she referred me to a consultant on Monday she couldn't believe I had never seen one in the 6years since diagnosed and when she came on Friday with her superior who can prescribe they phoned consultants secretary to get me bumped up the list worrying on Thursday the other matron is coming and a clinical physician is coming to speak to me so I really don't want to be hospitalised before then because everything will be put on hold again I am so tired haven't slept at all for days completley lost appetite and I'm very afraid.x

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