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Just recieved letter pulmonary rehab starts 21may 1hour. Twice a week for 8 weeks I don't think that they will allow me to do it my Sats keep dropping to low 70s and heart rate 144 and that's just going to the toilet ,I am still waiting for my medication to be changed the nurse practitioner at the hospice contacted GP on Tuesday asked for me to be put on morphine tablets not done so far she was also concerned about my blood pressure .Friday was the last day of the being in charge group at the hospice will miss it .I had my hair and make up done for photographs didn't want to but they have been very good to me .Also had a shoulder and neck massage to try and relax me

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  • I hope you give it a go.

    When I did it several people didn't leave their chairs &/or were assisted and monitored throughout.

    At present I'm going bi-weekly to a post PR class in Gloucester. Several people are very poorly and they do what they can with their portable O2. They are brilliant! Everyone so friendly and supportive too. Tea, coffee and yummy biccies supplied for social chat at the end - all for £2 a session!


  • Glad you are enjoying your classes .One of the things that worries me is will I be well enough to get dressed to go I know thinking to much the sessions are Twice a week Monday and Wednesday and on Tuesday I have the hospice will it be to much I want to continue with the hospice will have to see how it goes x

  • I hope you make it to pr,you don't just exercise you know,you also have talks on various aspects of copd,so it is educational too. What time are your classes they are usually in the pm cos they know we have trouble with mornings,so you don't have to rush. Hope you have a good day.

  • Hi Maggie the choice was 10.30to11.30 Tuesdays and Friday's or 12 till 1 Monday and Wednesday Tuesday and Friday would have been better day wise because of longer break but I go to the hospice on Tuesday's never simple is it hope you are keeping ok xx

  • I'm doing mine at the minute 2 x 2 hour sessions weekly .There are lots in my group who are on O2 and use chairs if need be they all have different conditions... everybody helps each other and you can only do what you can your not forced into anything your not able for. You can only try it hope all's well otherwise and good luck if you do go ...we are all monitered during so worth a try


  • I am going to give it a try that's all I can do x

  • Good luck with it Time-2-drink xx

  • Thanks Katie I can only try can't I xx

  • Thats all any of us can do, hope it all works out and you meet new freinds to support you through this xx

  • I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well I don't know what I've done but all notifications have gone into Spanish xx

  • Hi time-2-drink, sometimes my computer goes into foreign language mystery to me too enjoy your day what ever you are doing xx

  • Hi Katie yes my iPad is still bilingual lol .I got the date for PR wrong it is the 31 st start date .I am waiting for the matron to ring last night my heart rate was 160 really scared then when I woke this morning 135 I wouldn't be surprised if I end up in hospital again hope you have a good day xx

  • The first course I did, I went thinking , "I'll give it a half hearted go and knock it on the head after two sessions>" Was I ever wrong.

    The gym has never been on my bucket wish of places I wish to visit but this was different. Everyone was apprehensive but we were screened before we started and it was all done in a very friendly, no pressure way.

    You make friends, start talking and before you realise what is happening, you go from one exercise to another. When you get home, you sit down and start to think, " My God, I've done things today I didn't think I was capable of....." and you look forward to the next session with a few less doubts and a bit easier on the mind. Before you know it, you will be hugging each other and making plans to meet up for follow on sessions, coffee, whatever.

  • Thank you Brian it looks like you had a good outcome from your PR hope I have the same if they allow me to do it 😷

  • Now don't you start over thinking it T2D! Make a decision to go and see what happens. It might be the best thing you ever did. Take a chill pill and let it take care of itself.

  • I will go along and see how it goes i thought it was 2hours a session twice a week but this is 1hour twice a week it will take us longer to find a parking space than we will be there

  • Hi T2T. I am sure you will enjoy it. I am not on oxygen. But I do get breathless when exercising. I am doing a follow up course to the PR courses at the moment. It's an hour a week doing cardio exercises. For people with long term conditions. And have to stop when I get breathless and have pain from my arthritis. But I do enjoy it. Take care xxx

  • I will give it my best shot just concerned that doing 2days Monday and Wednesday and Tuesday the hospice might be to much and I need to go to hospice to give frank a break at least if my sats get low. I'm in the right place best wishes xx

  • You will find PR SO helpful. They will monitor you throughout so as others said don't over think it and just go! It is only 6 weeks so IF you struggle with the hospice as well I suggest you are more flexible with that appointment.

    As for getting dressed - remember is not going out for dinner! Just wear comfy clothes and trainers.

    I have just completed my PR and found exercises hard but had 2nd walking test and HAVE improved.

    Also bought my own set of dumbbells!!!!! Mighty muscle me! Lol. The education was helpful and I already knew loads about COPD.

  • Hi glad you have found PR beneficial and have improved and you are going to continue with excercise .This is a 8 week course 2 X1 hour sessions per week I don't ant to stop going to the hospice Frank needs a break .Have also realised. That if I was to continue seeing the psychiatrist the appointment same time as rehab so I think I well have to cancel psyc and see the lady from mind instead Take care

  • Hope you can get to PR and that it works well for you. Every day is a new day so see what tomorrow brings. Wishing you well. Xxxxx

  • I will go and see what they say if I'm not allowed then I know that there is no help for me I'm so worried hope you are all doing ok xxx

  • Look upon PR as a social activity, Margaret, because that's what I found it to be. Meeting new people who understand your problems because they are dealing with the same problems them themselves. They are run by fully trained professionals who won't let anything bad happen to you, and you'll be moving forward towards a better life for yourself and your family as well don't forget that :-)

  • Thanks Don I just think with my sats and heart rate being what they are they will refuse me and tell me I'm ready pardon my French for the knackers yard hope you feeling a bit better now 😷

  • I'm getting there, Margaret, thanks. I had to start taking my standby AB & S which I didn't want to do. But I'll soon get myself sorted. If you were ready for the knackers yard you'd be gone my now. You've made a lot of progress in the last few weeks, you just don't seem to be able to see the successes you have had.

  • Thanks Don glad you getting sorted take care 😷

  • is the 21st for assessment,or to start the course?

  • The start of the course but I think it's the 31st have to check in bed at momment we both had a bad night xx

  • it makes me smile to see how much the gang are willing you on to go to PR, and many of them have been through PR and would do it again , and again because of the benefits it gives,and you can get through it if you let people help you. Sorry you and Frank had a bad night, have a nice restful day the pair of you, and get your strength up for the week to come. Maggie

  • Thank you Maggie just checked letter first one 31 May 12.30 till 1.30 then Monday and Wednesday hope you have a good day

  • forgot to mention they also have an occupational therapist there who checks out if they can help you get any aids in your home.

  • You are so lucky to be offered PR so quickly. Some parts of the country have huge waiting lists. Go and enjoy it. :)

  • I agree apparently the community matron the oxygen nurse and others referred me I'm just concerned that because of my sats and high heart rate I may be refused and worrying will I be able to cope with 3days out in a row I want to continue going to the hospice there as a course on a Tuesday and a Friday which is better spread of days but that starts at 10 and like I say I have the hospice although I've been feeling really rough latley

  • Are you on medication for your heart rate, these readings can be misleading, one minute sky high then back to fairly normal, the same with the sats, thats why its best to not keep reading them. You don't mention the oxy so much Margaret, are you getting used to it now? Are you using it when you mobilise ?

  • Hi Maggie no I'm not on any medication for heart rate although the nurse practitioner at the hospice queried it she has asked doctors to check my blood pressure also but the matron said it was ok on Monday for instance just got out of bed sats 74 heart rate 141 so I need to keep checking .I will never get used to the Oxy or it seems that way I have to use it epwhen I move x

  • I know this sounds mad but have you phoned anyone about those readings, cos those sats are a bit mad. When you go to the hospice take your oximeter with you and take a reading at the same time as they do to see if the readings match, I did that with mine and the respiratory nurses ,and it was a match , just done it to be sure I was getting a true reading.

  • Hi I've had the oxi meter checked with the matron paeramedics hospital and hospice and they are the same I agree they are a bit mad at he hospic on Friday sats went low so they seen how they go matron just said they will fluctuate not really a answer x

  • Hi T2D not been on iPad much last few days the pain in shoulders worse breathing worse been for X-ray and seeing cardio next week Doctor thinks it may be angina. We shall have to wait and see.

    Never mind if you can get dressed to go you mean when I get dressed don't give up in advance. You really don't know how much they can help you and if they do say that you are not fit enough to do the exercises they will find what they can help you with, they will not give up on you so don't give up on yourself. Cooper hasn't worn Johns glasses again shame it gave us such a laugh. We had a fox on our garage roof last week John called me but by the time I had dragged myself of the sofa and got to the conservatory it had gone.Someone told me that there was a family of four in my next door neighbours garden. I would love to see them. I can't pm you as my iPad won't underscore so I can't put your name in. If you pm me sometime I can reply. Love Rosabeth

  • Good afternoon rosaBeth sent you a reply last night don't know what happened to it anyway I've private messaged you Margaret xxx

  • To PM without typing a name just click on the username of the person you wish to contact. This will take you to their profile page where you can then click 'Message' and their username is entered automatically as the recipient. :)

  • Thank you mrsmummy it worked Rosabeth

  • Hello Time2Drink. My hubby was pretty bad before he started his 8 weeks rehab. Couldn't walk more than 25 yds on the flat without stopping. He really enjoyed going and ended up a star pupil. He's 73 so no chicken but not at all the old crock he was and just returned home after a week in Zante, Greece. No issues at all. From my viewpoint, I would recommend the rehab to everyone who is offered it. Good luck xx

  • Fantastic news about your husband and your holiday is he on oxygen .I do intend to try Rehab if at all possible I just think because of my sats and heart rate I won't be allowed and if I'm refused what then am I written off xxx

  • Hi Margaret, you mention that by the time you've found a parking space it'll be time to come home. Couldn't Frank drop you off at the door? Also, when I attended PR the classes were on a 'rolling basis', if you missed one it was added on to the end. Therefore you did same number but over a longer period. I missed several therefore my course stretched over many more weeks. I'm not sure if that's the same everywhere. Please try and go, I'm sure it'll help. Wear loose clothing, chat to others and go at your own pace. Any exercise you're asked to do will be tailored for you and if you feel you can't do it say so but give it a try. The classes are run by professionals you'll be in safe hands. Btw, our tea and bikkies were free! We're all looking forward to hearing you went, excercised a little and maybe even enjoyed it. Come on Margaret you can do it!! Joy. X

  • Hi joy I will be going in wheelchair it is a long walk from the entrance to rehab so I will need to be taken .I will ask if it is possible to roll the classes on that would be ideal really .I will give it a shot and let you know the outcome xxx

  • Hi Margaret, did you go to PR? How did it go? Joy x

  • Hi joy I got the date wrong it's next Wednesday then Monday s and Wednesday's for 8 weeks. It will be a bit hectic because I have the hospice on Tuesday's .The community matron has just been changed. Seri tide inhaler for for stair said they are taking people of seri tide she also giving me some tablets to clear mucus of chest I've had my tramadol changed to morphine tablets so it's all change hope you are doing ok xx

  • Hi Margaret. I totally understand your concern about joined up days of busyness!! But remember that you only need to get there the first day. You can decide about the rest of the course after that. :-)

  • Thanks Michelle I will maybe see if it's possible to do what joy suggested and roll the days on x

  • I hope it goes well for you xx

  • Thank you me to x

  • contact the number on Rehab Letter they will tell you if you can go or not I went on 1 they are excellent XC

  • Thanks but I think I will go to first one and see how it goes from there glad you enjoyed xx

  • Hi there T2D, sorry I've not been joining in much but have had internet problems- can't begin to tell you how many minutes I'd spent explaining this and that and still not getting any resolution- quite unbelievable.

    Anyway,PR for you tomorrow is it? Reading your comments and 40+ replies,I see you are still worried you won't be able to "keep up"? One lovely,very elderly lady on my classes, had oxygen and was on so much medication,it was remarkable she could stand up let alone,join in the classes. She brought with her,every kind of oxi meter,portable heart and pulse monitor as she was so worried about her blood pressure,heart rate,oxi levels......needless to say,after a couple of classes, she out did all of us and still had breath to chat!!!

    Go and see how you get on,then come and tell us tomorrow please. Wishing you a good class.

  • Hi I think it must have been a slip of the finger but it's 31st first session so longer for me to wait and fret about lol. Im glad you got your internet sorted out I've got a bit of a problem on this site somehow all my notifications and responses are in Spanish .That lady at your PR done very well so as well as you and her was there many others on oxygen I think if there is more without I will feel self concious sorry to say I am doing no better at accepting it xx

  • Yes there were 3 of us on oxi and dont worry yourself so much because they'll be nervous too,that's why it works so well I suppose. Nobody stood out so to speak.

    I'm off to try another,lost count how many now,meditation tape to try and aid sleep. How was your book? Did it help you in any way?

  • Haven't finished it yet bit heavy going hope you find a relaxing tape x

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