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Rib pain

Rib pain

Hey I have been having a lot of trouble with my shoulder and muscle pain in my back but I got a massage the other day witch after I got up I had this very sharp pain in my rib area when I breathe but also same place in my bk it's very sore and my painkillers aren't shifting it all! Could this be a trapped nerve I'm in agony and unable to see a doctor as weekend now 😩

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Hello Jodiecee12. Welcome to our forum. Do you have a lung condition?

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Nah I don't I just been and got it checked and got blood taken to make sure my lungs don't have a clot in them but they think it's muscle pain

This forum is for people with lung conditions and their carers. You would be better served finding a forum which covers pain/muscular problems. Good luck.


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