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8 Replies

  • Thanks once again @stone_UK,for supplying links and videos which explain the tech jargon. Very helpful.

  • Thank for those stone, very useful.

  • Stone, you are the most lovely man. What would we do without you. Happy to see that the posts have been pinned as it saves energy in not having to go all around the houses looking for things, especially for people like me who are not that tech savvy. Thanks is a small word but it comes from the heart and I am sending to Stone, a man with a huge heart. Best wishes.

  • Thanks for the links Stone

  • As always MR Stone a gold mine of useful information...many thanks.

  • Thanks Stone. I really appreciate all your posts

  • Thank you Stone for all that information. Keep up your excellent work.

  • I'd like to add my thankyou s too, getting closer to buying the Inogen G3 think the G4 is in UK now but as you said it only goes to flow 3 yet to find out when I'd need the flow 4. Sam

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