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Pursed Lip Breathing, do you?

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I saw a video for Pursed Lip Breathing, does anyone here practice this? fb.watch/e7XGqZRmMG/

20 Replies
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Yes I get Pete to do it when he’s struggling to breathe. He panics so pursed lip breathing helps him regain control. I feel it works well for him. Xxx

Spacecat1 profile image

Always I just sit and blow x

Together with nebulising it’s what ables me to function, after a fashion. 😀

CDPO16 profile image

Yes, it becomes second nature after a while.

Jane2005 profile image

Yes I found it helped with breathless attack & it also helps when out walking especially with hills. Agree with CDPO16 above it's second nature now.

HollyBoyd profile image

It's a good way to calm you when you become breathless, concentrate on the pursed lip technique xxx

SORRELHIPPO profile image

I learnt to do this as part of relaxation, I find if I do it too deeply and for too long, can get a little light headed, it certainly helps me when I start to wheeze, as only an asthmatic, not COPD.

peege profile image

Yes absolutely, when breathless, during Pilates, walking uphill or inclines, when stressed to calm myself and the completely relax when I cant get to sleep at night.I also find deep diaphragm breathing useful too. P (asthmatic)

PS important to inhale slowly and deeply right to bottom of lungs before exhaling slowly through pursed lips.

In Pilates class we breathe in for 10 seconds & out for 10 & exertion is always on the exhale.

Caspiana profile image

Yes, I did this before I had my lung transplant. To be honest it was the only way I could move about without fainting. xx 🙂👍

Ergendl profile image

Very useful when I'm seriously breathless. Helps to calm things down

B0xermad profile image

Hi yes definitely do this as it enables me to get back on track

1947Mags profile image

Yes pursed lip breathing or blow as you go as I call it is the only way I can manage to move from my chair to the kettle or toilet when really short of breath and when I'm ok it allows me to make my bed and potter around in the house or garden, I have used this for the last 3 or 4 years but it did take some getting used to ie remembering to do it, but now it is second nature as soon as I feel breathless it kicks in straight away. Good luck with it. Take care Mags

Joy123 profile image

Yes, I wouldn’t survive if I didn’t use this method daily. Shorter breath in, longer out. It helps take your mind away from gasping for air too if you focus on this. Joy x

Loopylorre profile image

Yes, whenever I’m breathless I remember to use the “ smell the roses blow out the candle” certainly helps to bring the breathlessness down, 😊

Karenanne61 profile image

Yes, as Loopylorre says, smell the roses blow out the candle.

on-my-trike profile image

Hi Teegfit. It was suggested to me by health professionals, respiratory that I try pursed lip breathing exercises, & so I did. I felt as though I was having a heart attack, so painful! In fact days later I rushed to hospital with unstable angina, where they promptly fixed me up with 2 stents & im feeling much better now 🤞. All I’m saying is be careful!!! We don’t know all that’s wrong with us. So BE CAREFUL! Best of luck for the future ! on-my-trike.

garshe profile image

Yes its second nature now.makes breathing easier xxSheila 👍😎💕⚘

O2Trees profile image

Yeah, absolutely. I couldnt leave the house without doing PLB - I do it naturally to walk. It works by splinting open the airways, preventing them from collapsing when you're breathless and cant get the air out. By the time I was diagnosed at mid-moderate copd I was doing it automatically without having been told to. It really works.

Patk1 profile image

Yes i do.contrlled breathing with this is good when struggling and also when walking,going upstairs etc

corriena profile image

Yes it's very usefull .

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