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'Please offer me a seat' badge and card


Some of you may have seen on the news last week, a piece about the 'Please offer me a seat' badge and card scheme launched by Transport for London. This is for people who find it difficult to stand on public transport whose difficulty may not be obvious to other travellers and can be used o London Underground, London Overground, buses, Docklands Light Railway, TfL Rail, trams and river services.

Here's some information about the Transport for London campaign

and the link to the website for more information and to order your free badge and card. You can also call 0343 222 1234 for more information.

Have a good day,


BLF Specialist adviser

03000 030 555

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That's interesting Biddy and could be helpful.

Pete doesn't use public transport now and certainly couldn't stand. Xxx

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I hope this works. When I have been on trips from cruise ships I have found that fat middle aged men are often the worst in coaches and airport transport! The Spanish, Portuguese and Italian drivers are wonderful at telling them off!


Not sure I would want to wear a badge to highlight my disability/vulnerability. Also not sure how useful this is if there will be no back up from staff.


Yes, I understand the TfL staff can't enforce this, hopefully it will run smoothly. In my experience, as a public transport user, we (the public!) are generally kind and thoughtful folk. :-)


Thank you Biddy

It's an interesting scheme and I really hope it's useful to those Who can use public transport xx

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