Coughing to point of being sick!


I've recently been given mucodyne by my consultant approx 3 weeks ago. Since then my cough seems to have got worse to the point where I'm now coughing so much I'm hanging over the sink retching. I've noticed that the mucus I bring up is lighter in colour than it was but to get it up I seem to have to cough really hard and sometimes feel like I seriously can't breathe. Anyone else on mucodyne had these problems? I expected to find it easier to get the mucus up not harder! Wondering whether to stop taking them?

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  • Mucodyne makes u cough badly. Try not using it for a couple of days and see how you go.

  • Mucodyne does not actually make you cough at all usually. It loosens the mucus so that when you do cough it comes up easier, especially following a routine like the one stone has highlighted.

  • Don't think this works for everyone MrsM - certainly doesnt for me. I get bronchospasm at the drop of a hat, and mycodyne seems to bring this on. Then the coughing is totally out of control. Im pretty experienced at controlled coughing and breathing but mucodyne is a no-no for me.

  • Thanks for this if I carry on coughing when I've tried the routine for a few days I think I'll go to the gp and see what they say?

  • Well good luck Knicho - I hope it does work for you, but do go back to the GP if it doesnt.

  • Hi

    You need a suitable routine that suits you.

    Have a look at.

  • Thanks I've been told I'll get sent to a physiotherapist but it can't help to get going on this now.. I tried one I found on you tube but nothing came up not sure if I did it right or not so then I gave up! The coughing is just awful though at the moment my husband is at the end of his tether!

  • Hi I've just watched this it's really helpful thanks I think I need to get into a good routine with it and also increase fluids.. the other one I watched was far too complicated,

  • I was told in hospital that it makes you cough so you can loosen mucus.

  • Mrs Mummy is right. It loosens the mucus by making it thinner. This will help you to cough to get rid of it all. The important thing is that you are in control of the coughing routine. Hence the breathing cycle. You have to take it easy and try not to panic.

  • I'll try the breathing cycle again I tried once but felt either it didn't work or I did it wrong! How often do you need to do this?

  • It takes a while to get the hang of it. Do the cycle slowly and don't be tempted to cough up until you have managed to breathe in and hold, then gently breathe out 3 times. ( this may be different to the video but works for me). After the the third time breathe out as far as you can, Then breathe right in,put your hands on the sides of your ribs and gently push to vibrate. You should just be able to let the mucus come out but if not, cough at the same time. You repeat this cycle as many times as you need until you feel that most of it has come up. You can have little rests in between cycles and at the end have a sit down as it can make you feel dizzy sometimes.

  • This is quite similar to the video apart from the hands on ribs but. I've just had a go following the video and I'm going to try again before bed. I need to do something the coughing is awful and hurting my chest and throat and tiring me out!

  • Sorry forgot to say thank you x

  • good for you. I think putting hands on the ribs gives you a bit of control and you can shake your lungs. - gently. Try to ease the sputum out with you breath rather than coughing hard. It is a knack but I am sure that you will eventually succeed. Good luck.

  • Thanks struggling not to cough when I'm doing the huff thing but I'll keep trying 😊

  • I agree with O2Trees mucodyne is not suitable for everyone, if I use it I get more bronchospasms. An excellent nurse suggested Nebusal 7% (Hypertonic sodium chloride 7%) which I use in the nebuliser twice a day. This has made a big difference and it is much easier to clear my chest. Also Saline does exacerbate my IBS, whereas I get a lot more pain and diarrhoea if I take mucodyne.


  • Thanks if I don't see an improvement in the coughing in the next couple of days I'm going to stop taking it I think but then I've not got a consultant appt for another month so I'll be left with nothing until then as I doubt the gp will help? X

  • Yes I have exactly the same problem after taking Mucodyne I started producing so much mucus I was nearly drowning in it !! Needless to say I won't be taking anymore of it.

  • Same here I have stopped taking mine it has left me with a cough. It's not suitable for everyone

  • Is it giving you acid reflux without you realising? That can make you cough! Try having antacids and see if it makes a difference. X

  • Thanks all for your replies.. I've done the active breathing cycle three times today and also been swimming for the first time! i still can't control the huff very well and end up coughing but inbetween I think I have coughed less today. I coughed a lot whilst trying to swim but still I felt like it was less overall. I'm going to preserve with the breathing technique and see if it keeps improving!

  • Stop taking it. Maybe it doesn't suit you? Talk to the GP

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