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Oxygen Arrival


Hello again thanks to those who answered my post, I was very surprised to receive my oxygen pack today. Have been putting it to good use finding it a little strange at first the kitchen for one preparing food had to keep stopping myself from using the cooker did all the chopping and prepared as far as I could then did the actual cooking last minus the oxygen, walking around with a 5 metre trail of hosing takes some getting used to. I was left with 3 bottles for use when out and about will use them with my walker perhaps some shopping on Monday. Shower in the morning will be fun a new experience hopefully don't get tangled up in tubing, but all in all it beats getting in a panic with all the huffing and puffing and the extra exercise I get must be a help. Must pick people's brains as I saw a restriction on what creams and lotions can be used any tips welcome. Been a long day night all. Pauline X

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Nivea do a oil free moisturising cream .I am always getting caught up in the tubing and takes some getting used to sleep well x

Thankyou will get a hold of some I do love my creams it was hard not to smother myself in moisterizer after my shower this morning. X

Hello Pauline.

Oh the tubing. It does take some getting used to. And if you are a bit impatient like I am prone to being it can cause a few huffing sessions. But like most things, it soon becomes a part of your life. Just take it slow and easy. Take good care of yourself.

Cas xx 🌿🌹🌿

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Hello Cas

Yes it is what it is I have to say my morning shower was not as complicated as I thought it would be, so one little box ticked but I am sure I shall be having lots of cross words with it in the future. Take Care and enjoy your Sunday X 🙂

Glad you are finding the oxygen useful. The Air Liquide company advise against creams containing paraffin . They do suggest KY Jelly for when your nose gets crusty inside, an alternative called arouse works just as well from Poundland. I also use my walker to transport my canister outdoors. I fasten them in with a bungee strap which has hooks each end. A knot in the middle to reduce the size allows you to use the hooks clipped to each side of the walkers frame while in the basket. Once a day whilst I have the oxygen switched off I use Aveeno Daily moisturising lotion on my face . It was a tip I got on here from another member. Hope you enjoy your new freedom Joyce

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Thank you Joyce

Have made a note of your moisterizers and creams I usually use Lacura from Aldi but haven't checked the label yet it's probably oil based as most are. Is it just the face and hands we need to be careful what we use. Thanks for the tip. X🙂 Pauline

Glad you now have your oxygen Pauline and it's making a big difference. Good luck with the shower and that tubing. Take care xxxxxxxx

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Thankyou Sassy

Shower went well so a good start to the day at least. X 🙂

Oh the tubing! My dad was on oxygen and had what seemed like miles of tubing. My mum was losing her eye sight and it always seemed like a miracle to me that she never got tangled in it!

Hi Helen

Yes I am sure there will be moments, my other half has been busy with a job outside the last 2 days but when the weather changes I am sure we shall get under each other's feet 😬 X

Pauline, I so admire your practical, just get on with it attitude. If that was me, I'd be moaning and groaning and having full drama queen meltdowns :) It's very reassuring to see someone coping so well with a big change in their lives and seeing the positives rather then the negatives.

You seem to be managing it all wonderfully, especially taking a shower on your very first day on home O2. Look forward to hearing how you manage when you use it to go shopping etc. Well done again !

Thankyou Billyjean

Your kind words are encouraging beginners luck So far as the 02 goes I am sure I will soon have a few tales to tell on the not so positive side, but fingers crossed for now.

Thanks Pauline X

Hey Pauline, I'm new to O2 myself I cant believe the freedom I now have, its been life changing I have so much more get up and go. I get so tangled up in my own tubes sometimes I wonder how? I fondly refer to it as my leash. xx Tracy

Hi Tracy

Yes makes life a bit more bareable catching up on housework just now ☹️but looking forward to the more fun side of things. Take Care

Pauline X

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