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I hope its the same this year. Bluebell wood.

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It was really beautiful last year. My daughter loved walking though the flowers when younger. Now its my grandson asking if they are "out yet"!

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Lovely to see the bluebells and hope you get such a wonderful display again this year. Xxxxx

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Badbessie in reply to sassy59

Its about a mile from my house.

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They are stunning,reminds me of the woods near me😊 xxx Bernadette

We have some in woods near us, beautiful. I read somewhere that they are poisonous, I don't know if it's true or not. xx

How beautiful you are so lucky to have this special spot to visit I have a few in my garden but know how marvellous they are when you see them in their natural surrounds. Hope they as good this year for you Enjoy 😊

A beautiful sight, I love to see them growing wild.

The wild ones are gorgeous - you are reminding me to get out for a walk in the local woods.

I have the big ones in my garden - i think they are an import from the States and are pushing our native ones out. They are thugs - they've just grown through new black membrane I have laid beneath new pebbling despite my thinking I had dug them all up.

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Badbessie in reply to O2Trees

lol...Nature always finds a way. I hope you finally rid yourself of them.

Lovely, we have one near where I live but you need a car to get there, as with most natural beauty when you live in a city.

Just love the progression of spring bulbs - first the snowdrops, then the daffodils, and then the bluebells. Beautiful heralds of summer. And then, the joy of the hillsides covered in sweet scented scrubby heather. What wonderful gifts nature provides us in the wild.

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