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Want to thank everyone who gave me help and advice on getting a stairlift I have done it today I have had a straight lift installed after reading post from lady who has the same problem I have in reverse of curved stairs and hearing she has managed the couple of stairs for 5 years decided to go with that option cheaper and less intrusive than a curved have gone for rental at the moment got a decent deal .However I must say we have been tormented by acorn who had our number passed on yo them from another firm they have been a nightmare .I must admit yo shedding a few tears at thought of stairlift but needs must and especially at times like this morning my sats dropped to 63. So very worrying but hope once infection run its course to see improvement thanks once again for help x

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  • Great news and do enjoy using it. Xxxxx

  • Thanks sassy xx

  • Pity that. I got my stairlift from Acorn, a first class company who have provided a Rolls Royce service these 7 years.

  • Must be salesmen diffrent areas they really did hound us though phoned several times and even though we never contacted them asked quite personnel questions when we told them we had already arranged to get one wanted to know who we got it of. How much etc anyone on there own would find it quite intimidating

  • Probably independant salesmen working on commission. They are doing harm to a good company putting people off like that.

  • That's a possibility really where forceful

  • Glad you have got the stairlift sorted out. It will make so much difference.

  • Thanks yes hopefully it will

  • Oh good, so glad you've decided which stair lift will suit you best. No need to worry about getting to the bathroom anymore - that will make a big difference.

  • Yes that will be a huge relief excuse the pun

  • 😄😄😄 good to see you haven't lost your sense of humour.

  • Great news! Should make quite a difference to you. xx Moy

  • Definitley a good move xx

  • I didn't have a good experience with Acorn but glad your sorted now lift will make all the difference Sam

  • Acorn must cause lots of people emotional upset they should be ashamed of themselves thankfully we sorted now

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