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Birds of wisdom-30 the end

Birds of wisdom-30 the end

Hi to everyone who is following these lovely pictures and wise aphorisms. Well sad to say have come to the end of this series. I'll have a think and see if I can come up with any more.

Some of you sent good wishes, as we went to visit my brother in law in Huddersfield. He is a victim of Oesophageal Cancer. We haven't seen him for 5 weeks, only phone calls. We hoped we would find him stable at worse, improved at best. Sad to say he is deteriorating and wasting away in front of our eyes. Whether its the big C or the recent stent and radio therapy we don't know. But very sad, can only encourage and hope.

Anyway, this is the last, and I've saved a Budgie. Sorry, to those who loved Peacocks and Owls, But I received more comments when Budgies were sent than any other bird.

So as a reminder to all who have had Budgies as pets, and to all other pets- thanks for the unconditional love and loyalty.

Take Care


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Thank you David and sorry to hear about your brother-in-law, sending good wishes to him and yourself too of course.

Had a budgie called Joey many years ago, very seeet he was. Xxx

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Hi David, so sorry to hear about your brother I to am going through the same with my brother ! They have given him 6 months, but he was taken in hospital on Monday very poorly, complications from the chemo, going down to see him tomorrow. I live on Anglesey so it will be a couple of hours that's no problem the hard part will be coming back and leaving him.

I have really enjoyed your birds of wisdom, both the beautiful pictures and some very meaningfull aphorisms.

Look forward to your next inspiration

Take care Peg xxx


Hi Peg

Hope you do find improvement with your brother. I found this disease is full of ups and downs. So I do wish you both well. Does he live locally to you as I live in Conwy.

Please take care and stay strong.

Love David


Hi David, he lives in Manchester, I was right it was hard leaving him though he has a loving wife and family, things weren't looking to good. Thanks for your concern appreciate it.

Take care, Peg xxx


Hi David, I was born in Llandudno & lived there until I got married and moved away when I was 21 (45 years ago). My sister lives in deganwy. Lovely part of the country 😊.


Sorry to hear that brother in law is so poorly, do hope the radiotherapy works for him though I know it can be hard to tolerate. Lovely budgie pic' but they've all been lovely.

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I am sorry to hear the news about your brother in law, I do hope the treatment will improve his situation.

The last quotation is very true and I love the budgie photo. I have just bought a sweater with an embroidered picture of a budgie on it.....not worn it yet but I bet I get a few comments about who's your parrot or something.


Dear knitter

You've bought a sweater, golly not living up to your name...Hope your well and will enjoy the sunshine when it eventually turns up, possibly tomorrow and will be for us in N Wales on Saturday.


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