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GOSH I Never Knew That

According to EPA radon exposure is the second-leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking.


Radiation as been quite a pass time of mine REMBER garnet worktops scandal decaying radon people are exposed too.

The say this no test BUT thats bull AS you can use piece of charcoal on worktop for 12 hours then when radons trapped in charcoal you can measure it using geiger counter.

Can also check garden for radon using same test.

Can thank marie curie for that tip bit

But the talk about smoking being big BOO WHO but dont talk of radon causing you dna mutations.

According to Epa this no safe leval of radon SO why is fracking going ahead.

Did you know you welding rods are radioactive also camping gas light mantels.

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I remember my mother-in-law was alerted to radon gas around her bungalow. She was told it wasn't anything to worry about.

Luckily mil moved into a flat and the bungalow was sold but it makes you think.

Take care JAS. xxxx

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Curious that the photo is showing the instrument measuring a gas mantle.

My my Jeff, you do have an interesting life. As the wife and mother of two fabricators I dread to think what my descendants will look like - I use spent welding rods to tie up plants and as hangers in the greenhouse. Will have to re-think my entire lifestyle.

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Hi Jeff there's been masses written about radon gas and I think you need to extend your research a bit. I spent ten years on a research study looking into radon gas and lung cancer in the south west.

There are some risks if your house is built on granite. You can have levels measured in your home. It's always been there, but is only a problem since houses have been doubled glazed and doors kept shut. If levels are high you can have work done to remedy that.

Take care. Sue x

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Possibly in those areas where there is Radon but only there; smoking caps all else - see this map for the UK; other maps are available...


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I live in the states and radon is an issue.

We lived in a house that was built in the 1970s and it was set up to remove the radon in the basement. We then moved to a house that was built in 2000. When we went to sell it, radon was detected in the basement and we had to put in a system to remove it (which surprised us that the inspection did not note that when we bought the house).

So bottom line, every house with a basement should be tested for radon.


Guess you are in a granite area then?

Bananas are radioactive too. Radon is only around in some areas, there are maps online showing possible problem areas. When we sold the house we were asked for a radon certificate from when it was built. It was built in 1500, quite a while before radon was discovered. I had some nuclear medicine tests, breathing krypton and something else radioactive injected. I didn't developed super powers (I asked) but was told to keep away from babies for a couple of days.

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