Good morning folks, i thank you for your response yesterday, to my post about lung transplant,last night i spent a few hours reading posts about people in the same situation as me and i have to be honest and say i am scared of the prospect, but its like this, do i sign the agreement or do i spend whats left of my life suffering and struggling with my illness ? i'm only 45 years old so i think its no brainer really.

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  • The best of luck 🍀 to you and hope it's a success.

  • Thank you

  • Hello josepboyes123 .

    I am in the same situation as you. It has been playing on my mind whether to commit to it or not. My real concern is the fact that almost no one escapes the side effects of the drugs and the possibility of rejection.

    Having said that, I too am in my forties. And hoped to at least see 50. But I would rather have quality than quantity. It's a hard call.

    Here in Japan the system is like this. You can be 'active' on the transplant list and still say no when the call comes. The lungs will go to the next person. You can also be 'inactive' and you won't be called even if lungs come. You can become active again when you choose. In both situations you won't slide from your place on the list. My friends in England and the U.S. tell me that the system is different and they cannot say no.

    The drawback in Japan is that organ donation is still not so culturally acceptable like other countries. That means we have very few to go around. The average wait for lungs is three years and kidneys a staggering ten.

    I am glad you seem to know what you want to do. Take good care.

    Cas xx 🌠🌈

  • Thank you cas

  • It must be a very hard decision to make but only you can. For some it's worth it but for others it is not. I wish you all the best.

  • Thank you

  • Thinking of you and do sign please. Good luck to you. Xx 👍

  • Thank you

  • So pleased that you've decided on the right route for you. My very best wishes to you. XXX

  • Thank you

  • The way I see the situation is it may help me, however it may help the people following me more. Transplants have problems but without people courageously going forward then nothing is learned to benefit all. I wish you luck.

  • That is a very good point, thank you.

  • You seem to have made the decision which is the right one for you. I do wish you well and I think it's all right and 'normal' for you to feel scared and apprehensive. Do keep in touch and take care of yourself. Sue xxx

  • Thank you Sue.

  • I read on the internet, Mayo Clinic website I believe, that the average length the lung transplant will help is 4.5 years - however one man had one about 15 years before and was still going strong. So it's just a gamble either way I guess. I know that if I were your age, 45, and couldn't breathe, I would go for it. BTW, Mayo Clinic is the #1 rated place for lung transplants in the country (US)

  • A hard decision but probably best to be on the list.

  • its a no brainer i was tplanted march 2016 and id do all again if i had to if you need to know anything ask me ill tell you but i found it not to bad at all in and out in 3 weeks like i say just ask ill tell you

  • Wow congratulations on a successful operation, in and out in 3 weeks is amazing, following the research i have done i am lead to believe its quite a harsh recovery process, but i suppose if you are alive one has to be grateful for that, can i ask how poorly were you and how much has your quality of life improved.

  • i did not think it was that harsh i got the idea folk felt a little sorry for them selfs i just got on with it made all the difference as for poorly i had 4 month to live they did not think id survive the op now life is brill i can go out wak live a normal life i am a diabetic now cus of steriods i was on them 10 years that does give me some probs but im hear to tell story

  • It sounds as though you've decided to go ahead. Good luck going forward and all best wishes x

  • Ii can see it is a lot to take in but like you say quality not quantity and who knows maybe you could have some of both I am sure given time you will make the right decision for you wishing you all the best

  • Good luck and I wish you well whatever choice you make.

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