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Please help me. As you no I've been in agony thus past week more so than my usual daily pain.the weekend gp has just prescribed oral morphine. I took the first dose an it has helped somewhat. But I've read it can cause serious respiratory problems. Now I don't no weather I should take it. Anyone else used oral morphine???? I have used it before after surgery but I didn't have e breathing issues then. X

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  • My understanding is that regular doses of morphine, as used for pain relief, may not be suitable for people with compromised lungs but that a much smaller dose can be prescribed to help with anxiety. I hope someone with more knowledge can come along and help soon.

  • Well this is y I'm concerned that the I've still not had lung function tests been over 2 months waiting now. Clear chest x ray lady Friday but the pain all over my back is so bad it seizes wen I walk. My first visit to A&E was last Friday but I have had weezing 4 over 6 months at nite so really haven't a clue watz going on. I've suffered back pain A long time but just recently it's got so bad specially at nite I just can't cope. I've been told to take 5ml every 4 hours. X

  • I know it is used in small doses but not what that dosage is. Why not ring the BLF Helpline tomorrow? They will know about this.

    03000 030 555

  • Hi

    I take oramorth four times a day for breathlessness 1.25 ml . I believe you can go to 2.5ml.

    It does say not to take as pain relief if you have a lung condition.

    I would seek confirmation from your GP as to the safe dosage.

  • l have been subscribed oramorph to help with breathlessness same dosage as stone. i have severe emphysema and it does help.

  • I explained everything that's been going on with my breathing an cause I normally take 200mg tramadol 4 clinic backpack he didn't want me to take more of that. So he prescribed the oral morphine. Do u think 5mg is too much. I'm having bad problems with my gp which is y I went to the weekend gp. I am changing to a new gp model day morning so now not sure Wat to do as the pain is unbearable.

  • Why not call 111 for advice?

  • Thank you I mite just do that it was them who decided to call an ambulance 4 me last week. They r amazing x x

  • If it's unbearable you need help.

  • Hi

  • You could look online for a 24hr pharmacy in your area and phone them for advice. They're the experts where drugs are concerned

  • Hi poppy I am taking oramorph at first 2.5 mil been upped to 5 now I also concerned about it causing breathlessness I also had my coedine upped from 30 to 60 because of pain under breast I find that it takes nearly an hour for oramorph to dull the pain and is only short lasting I am not keen on using but find it strange that I given 100mil to last a month but told to take it 4 times a day so really I only have enough for 5 days take care

  • Yea that is strange. I was only given a small bottle so it was only meant to c me to next week. It has worked well an im not breathless at all. I suffer more with weezing I seem to B much better with breathlessnezz an weezing since having a course of steriods. An im not sure if my pain connected to my lungs at all cause it is round the lung area but it's also all over my back upper lower middle it's agony. It m also on 200mg tramadol a day. An so I need a major overhall so hoping wen I register with new gp we can manage my pain but most importantly get to watz the root cause. Still waiting 4 lung function tests Aswel. So I have e no idea y I've been weezing an ended up in hospital I take all very scary. Xx

  • Hope you have a peaceful night poppy and that some of the advice given helped. Xxxx

  • I am pain free rite now an no weezing breathing normally so fingers crossed. Thank you an u 2.xx

  • Oral morphine helps with breathing. It's the only thing that helped me, I couldn't walk or sit I had a constant feeling all my ribs had broken. I have bone and nerve pain also, I was told it would help with breathing and it does just that. I couldn't manage without it trying to run after 4 kids. I hope you find this helpful.

  • Wow yes very helpful. Only thing is this was only prescribed by a weekend Dr so it's temporary. I also have nerve damage an I hurt all over everyday hence y I'm changing gp mondsy. I have used it 2dsy an it has helped significantly. Im still very anxious and worried about way exactly is wrong with me I have a 2 year old an a 10 year old. I need to B active. Thank you 4 yr reply xx

  • Hi Poppy, it's tough having to run after kids breathing like Darth Vader my little boy used to say. It was a consultant in hospital that put me on my medication, but a pulmanologist saved my life, tell your new GP that you have significant change for better and they will refer you to a hospital maybe. I was diagnosed with emphysema, then COPD after it showed up on CT I was getting for something different. I hope all goes well for you.

  • Oh really so how r u doing now. I've quit smoking bar the odd one here an there but the e cig is working well so that odd one here an there will b no more than ten in a few days. I'm in a very strange state if mind I keep Thi king about dying I'm only 39 but wen u r in constant pain an yr having breathing difficulties it's so scary wen thus time last year I was in good health and running round like a blue arse fly lol. I'm in a very bad place mentally an I have 2 young ones that r my whole world. I've chased up my tests every week an I just keep getting told a few more weeks sorry I'm having a rant just wish I new wat was wrong an where I go from here xx

  • Hi Poppy, I still have a couple smokes also, I blamed an e cig on getting pneumonia a year ago, so I really got a fright. I have never smoked more than 4/5 a day so god knows how I got this COPD and emphysema and it's my way of coping with kids and other trials life flings. It's scary when you lose your fitness because breathing. You will get the right pain relief if you get the right consultant. It was a Consultant that put me on severedol 10mg. Now on a Mst a 12 hour slow release and fast acting Sevredol for breakthrough pain, which gave me my life back along with the inhalers which were life saving they were from the pulmanologist. Getting the right docs is crucial go back to your GP and tell them how you feel. It's tough bringing up kids when your health crashes. Rant anytime. If you want big ears right here. Xx

  • Yea it awful I can't do a Thi g with the kids barely doing the school run in an then guilt takes over over this Aswell my Dr isn't interested in the in managing my pain or anxiety I found out last week the reason he won't t refer my 2 year old after having her 5th ear infection is cause it costs him I was told by so would e in the practice who also told me he would not change my meds last year even after being g instructed to by my psychiatrist and cause the other meds cost him more. It's a joke really it's not actually his money to an he gives me more anxiety problems than helps. Very fed up,2dsy.xx

  • I think it's a disgrace when the kids have to suffer there health shouldn't be a price tag. Yours either. I hope you get the right GP have you seen the pulmologist yet he would help with breathing? X

  • No I haven't even had lung function tests yet I've been waiting over*2 months now an ended up being rushed to hospital. I worry I'm dying everyday an I have no answers to watz going on so I'm dead no with all these scary health problems an I have no answers so my brain is exhausted. I haven't slept in days. X

  • I am so sorry that you feel as ill as you do, Poppy, have you any friends and relatives who can give you some time?

  • I do have a good support system. I but ithey all work so it's difficult getting time to rest. I do feel as tho it's becoming way too much 4 me an this is causing my mental health problems to become worse Aswell then Gota get thru the day as not to worry the kids lots of family stuff not good stuff. Do t no how I'm still sain an not quite sure IthT I even am anymore. Xx

  • Oh that's a shame, try stay positive, it's a scary place when you can't breath, sleep deprivation is also not good. X

  • I would like to Think if it copd surely it must b early stages S it's on the last few months I've had weezing g just at the I've then o lY a few weeks ago the shortness off breath an one A&E, visit xx

  • I e had COPD for six years now a ct scan will confirm if you have it, hopefully.not. Is it to bad for hay fever.? I know my daughter thinks her Asthma is bad but it's hay fever.

  • Cool I mi d me asking Wat yr symptoms s were wen first diagnosed. An how e symptoms have progressed to sorry if that's to much to ask xx

  • I was getting scans fine for something else and emphysema was diagnosed then a couple years after that another ct scan showed I had both then seen a pulmanologist after that x

  • Normal start up dose is 1.25 to 2.5mg. However 5 mg is also within the range. Each of us react to morphine in are own way so often it's a judgement call by your Doctor.

  • I do know morphine slows down your breathing. Plus I had a bad reaction throwing up stomach pains for 24. In the end you'll might become addited it only take tens days I ended up in rehab from another type of pain killer. But it does slow the breathing and it never takes away all the pain your in ...

  • Hey sorry to hear u had a hard tie with pain meds. I've been on a lot of medications over the last 8 years on an off. I'm bipolar/anxiety disorder an an insomniac. Also have severe nerve damage from multiple surgery I take tramadol 200mg a day it doesn't touch the sides of the pain anymore but I refuse to up that dose don't think my doc would anyway I also take zoplicone to sleep an Pregabelin 4 anxiety. An d bipolar meds which I have stopped, 2dsy.they r not working too good an the side effects sent worth it rite now so bad k to the psychiatrist this week. Wen I became pregnant and with my now 2 year old I had to ween off all these meds in 6 weeks an I did so but was very sick an only gained 4lbs while pregnant. I can Cum off any meds all addictive meds it'd so difficult an painful an causes Terri Le depression but it's a vicious circle. I Have to take them to live some kind of life but then u r addicted. Wat do u do. I hate medication it's the brain of my life. But I no if I have to ween off anything I can do it as I've done it a number of times before I just pray that watever is wrong now with my breathing an pain van b managed some other way. Sorry I had all this in my head an just needed to write it all down sorry to drown on. X

  • I am glad that you wrote down how you feel, Poppy. I truly believe that it does help.

  • I have oral morphine as Toci says for small doses to use when I'm getting too anxious so guess yours would be the same? check it out with your doctor if in doubt - good luck xx

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