Anyone using spireriva I am bothered about the side effects

Hi my name in mick I have only 1 lung after having 2 opps to remove tumors since 1985 and 1994 which left me with 2 lung. I was OK for may years and worked full time as a plumber heating engineer however about 12 months ago I started to get short of breath and started a number of tests which concluded I had a type of asthma and later it was replaced with bronchiexsist and use a nebuliser and inhalers however for about 6 months I have had a very iritating cough which at one time caused me to expelled a lot of mucus But my consultant decided to send me to a cardiologist and after several tests said my heart was not pumping properly and arranged to have a pacemaker fitted but it does not seem to have had much effect at the mo. He also told me I have a dilated cardio myopothythy. I have now been ask to use this Spirvia but what I would like to find out does it have any reaction with morphine tablets take. They are oxycodine and called longtek. Sorry it's a long post but I needed to explain in full. Mick


Hi it's mick again I ade a mistake and put after the opp I had 2 lungs which I mentioned to say only 2 lobes in 1 lung I am trying to get rid of my cough which is on all day every day. My consultant is sending me to have a camera down to my osophogus to see what is going on I'm m not looking forward to it mickmm

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  • I am terrified of inhalers--albuterol gave me afib--be careful=-=

  • I have used it for a couple of years I haven't had side affects but I cant really tell if it helps or not .The two ways it is delivered either capsule or exhaler aren't brilliant I cant see how it reaches our lungs x

  • Yes I'm using it but do you think it's doing anything.

  • Takes about a week for full effect, just a couple of minor side effects

  • @shadow4me Hi shadow, I think you should be inhaling not exhaling, that's how it

    should reach your lungs. I use the capsules which contain a tiny amount of powder and I do notice it on the roof of my mouth or on tongue or back of throat although I try to aim carefully.

    Best regards


  • Sorry I do inhale, I meant the two different methods of taking it either like you by caplets or by respimat inhaler I forgot what they called it lol .But I am finding neither one is that good at delivering to your lungs ,With the capsules I found that sometimes they had no powder in them so would have to repeat taking it and I am now trying the respimat Spiriva inhaler which one careless moment you can touch the realease button and its wasted xx

  • Your consultant will already know what medications you take, from your records, they will not prescribe you with a medication that is known to react with another. If there is an issue then they will try to juggle all your medication types to suit to be safe.

    I use Spiriva without any ill effects at all.

  • The pharmacist seems to google it and have more time.

  • Are you seeing a respiratory cosultant as cough and lots of sputum are a major part of bronchiectasis and you should be taught how to clear your lungs.

    Can't advise re any interaction between spiriva and you other drugs but I have always found my pharmacist to be excellent at giving advice re drugs. Unfortunately I can't tolerate any of the long acting bronchodilators.

    Hope the endoscopy goes well for you. I will be having another endoscopy so they can place a pillcam into the small bowel, as the pillcam didn't work last time.

    We have something else in common. I too, along with others on here, have had lung surgery, though not for the same reason as you. Mine was beause of the bronchiectasis when I was 15.

    Let us know how you get on.

    love cx

  • Hi i take zomorph and oxycodon for fibromyalgia but I have taken spireva for year with no effects to other medication i also have nebulizers , I hope the spirva helps good luck

  • Thanks that's what I wanted to hear as they are almost the same as I take that's a big help mickmm

  • Your more than welcome.That's what we are hear for to help each other

    You can rest easy now , I hope it helps you.

    Take care

    Loraine x

  • Hello Mick. I use Spiriva but am not on Morphine. So far, I have had no problems.

    I am sorry things have been tough recently. I hope you feel better as spring comes around.

    Sending happy thoughts.

    Cas xx 🍀🌷🍀

  • G'day not be too concerned about having an endoscopy,normally they give you a light sedation, makes you drowsy, my wife has had a few procedures and says that she remembers nothing about it.

    Have you had the other lung removed?

    We can only tell you of our own travels with lung disease, for medical help you really need to see a lung specialist.

    Best of luck with the procedure

    Will (Australia)

  • Thanks burrboy yes I have had my other lung removed so it leaves my with 2 lobes. Only. But with doing breathing exercises years ago my only lung has expanded as large as it can withing my ribcage and having O2 tests they are at on average 95. And a lot of people can't reach that with 2 lungs ok about the endoscopy not looking forward to it but as you say a sedative is given so I should be ok bye mickmm

  • Thanks sats are great and please do not be concerned about the procedure. I am sure that it would not be different to the way it is done in Australia. Best wishes Will

  • The worst part for me was sedation locally in the throat before the anaesthetic . I kept clearing my throat and swallowing-sensitivie throat. Not everyone does that because they were surprised!

  • Hello,

    I am on Spiriva and Morphine patches slow release.

    Been on both for several years, I don't think I have had any side effects, but not sure if Spiriva is having any effect as hard to see any great difference.

    Consultant may stop after next visit.

  • I agree with Wondering if spiriva is doing anything. Something I read said that you may not notice the difference but in the long run it's doing your lungs some good.

  • Many thanks for your reply it does look like there are a few people taking morphine at the same time as the inhaler so I feel happier about using it thanks mickmm

  • Forgot to mention Mick my husband has a Morphine Patch and takes Spiriva and has no side effects xx

  • Thanks for the info sounds like I will be ok on using it still have not tried yet as a lot of replied saying it made no difference at all. Thanks

  • I have asthma and bronchiecstasis and use 4 inhalers, spiriva is the latest one I've had, but I have to say it hasn't made any difference to my breathing and coughing!

  • Hi Mick - the GP/consultants have a book that shows which drugs don't mix. If they've prescribed Spiriva they'll have checked it's usually compatible with your other drugs; that doesn't mean to say you can't get side effects in the mix - we're all different.

    Good luck.

  • I find Spiriva very effective combined with Fostair but I'm just Asthma/COPD and, as has been said, we are all different.

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