Boiling hoy then freezing cold

I Think I might have asked before but just in case someone has any tips i am really struggling i have a fan in the bedroom and living room for my hot episodes and a hot water bottle and dressing gown on hand at all times .It is very tiring switching from one to the other the matron just said it was to do with my body working hard to breathe I really can't hack it so if you have any tips or are going through the same would be grateful to hear from you thanks

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  • I'm just the same, Hot cold, cold hot oh well it could be worse. I layer up with everything clothes, bedclothes and anything else I could mention along with a hot water bottle and the fan on stand by. Just finished with the "hot flushes" stage and now this lol! Still looking on the bright side at least we save money on the heating.

    I know it's annoying but it's a small thing in the general scheme of things, stay strong, you'll be fine.

    Take care xxx

  • I'm trying but finding it hard along with the pain our heating on 23 I'm freezing put dressing gown on top of clothes clutch hot water bottle 5 mins later ok 30 seconds boiling can run bath only hot water get in jump out I wish cause I'm freezing oh hang on boiling again sigh

  • I know love but it' a small price to pay for still breathing. You can have a moan at me and I'll moan back lol! It is a pain I know, I spend half the night throwing the blanket off then pulling it back on but I suppose I'm used to it now but I bet it drives other people nuts!

  • Me too. I'm having a "tropical hot one" at this very moment!

    Hate them, hot,cold,hot,cold.....

  • Thank you for being so understanding what a night don't know how you stay so upbeat I must have been knocked out with the oramorph woke up hair plastered on head the thing is I always feel to ill to do anything and it is so depressing

  • bless you, you sound lie you're having a tough time and the oramorph won't help with not feeling like doing anything. Just try doing little bits, set yourself a target for the day, it only has to be a small one. Then every day or every week just make your target just a little harder that may help you get a sense of achievement and lift your spirits a little.

    I'm not sure what stage you're at and what other problems you've got but just doing little thing will help you move upwards with your mood.

    Oh and your target might just sorting a drawer out or making a sandwich it doesn't have to be climbing mount Everest,

    Take care and we're always here if you have any questions or just want to have a moan. (we all have bad days) xx

  • I am going to the hospice today to have a chat not to sure what for it will be a group of people might be about rehab I will let you know I am frightened to go I have never been with people like me and I worried what if I have my pain while I am there and I am also scared to go out of house .I am sorry for unburdining to you xx

  • I just read my previous answer and it sounds like I have lots of people under my blankets lol! I should be so lucky!

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