Cut the grass

It's only a little patch but I didn't think I could manage it, it was very long too. However I did and it got easier as I progressed. I had to have quite a few rests. Now, an hour later, I feel much better than this morning. When I was in the Brompton for a week and really doing nothing my blood pressure and SATs both got lower. On the morning I had a bike exercise test they were both 90 which is pretty low. The test was really exhausting. When I had my obs done a couple of hours later my blood pressure was 115 which is high for me and my SATs 95 which is also much better than normal. I deduce from this that exercise is good for you!

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  • It's great to achieve something Peter and glad you are doing exercise gradually. Wishing you well. Xxxx

  • Hi Peter healthy people take so much for granted I'm the same when cutting the grass

  • Hi Peter, exercise is definitely good for, that's why I love pulmonary rehab. Well done managing to cut your grass stay in touch,let us know how you are. Take care 😊 xx Bernadette

  • Exercise is good for your body and achieving a goal is good for ones self esteem. A win win.

  • Hi Peter. Great that you tackled the grass. Nothing can beat a sense of achievement to spur you on to tackle other tricky tasks.....just pace yourself.

    Wishing you all the best with your activities. Take care. Pam XXX

  • Thanks for the replies, I shall do the front tomorrow

  • Did my grass today, Always nice to tick a job off the list! Keep it up..

  • Yes! Good for you for doing the grass too :)

  • My garden is an excellent exercise area and the grass needs cutting too - you're very welcome......😄😄. Well done for getting yours done.

  • Gardening is good all round exercise. My previous garden was hard work, 1/3 acre that grew faster than I could cut it back. Thank goodness I moved. Weeding and planting is difficult, getting up and down a few times makes me very out of breath. Getting down on the ground an staying there works well.

  • Exercise has made a big difference to me in a year my Fev 1 went from 70% to 84%. My next check is on Monday 20th March.

  • Watched my wife cut the grass the other day. Looks good but I felt a bit tired afterwards because I had to watch.

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