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Issues with tripping over oxygen tubing at night

Does anyone using nasal cannulas and oxygen tubing have an issue of tripping over the tubing at night? I have heard that sometimes when the tubing is very long, folks trip over it and could cause some nasty falls. Does anyone know of a tube that glows in the dark? Would anyone even want to use it? I have not seen one so I figured I'd ask the group. Thanks.

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I can honestly say I have never tripped over my tubing but then I don't often wander about without putting on a light. :)


When my wife was on oxygen she was offered the option of having the tubing fixed to the wall to various parts of the house. Unfortunately she died before they came to fit it.



Not a total solution but may help.

Put your head through loop so it hangs on your neck, position so tubing is behind you, fit prongs to Nose loop tube over ears draw toggle so tubing hangs behind you.


Not only night times tripping.... I have tripped during the day, the tubing gets tangled round objects , my legs, I must walk quite a few extra steps just going back to untangle, worst is when carrying some thing and you are brought to a sudden stop. It's been caught under a door and that can cause tripping and losing what you have in your hands.

Maybe if tubing was softer it might work better.

Stone I have also tried the way you suggested and for me sadly it didn't work, that's not to say it wouldn't work at all .

Love and hugs

Etch45 xxx😘🦋


That sounds like me, always have to to come to stop where you are almost strangled !! Xx


Hi Stone,

I was so grateful for your tip! Immediately tried it,& thankfully did work for me😊

Makes such a difference I must admit!

What a shame it didn't work for Etch😒

You really are a marvel,no question to hard for you!

Hugs,Wen xx

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Sorry dbfisg.

I really cannot beleive i am reading this. Can you not use a bit of common

sense and work it out yourself. Sit on your bed or where ever you sleep when it is light and look at everything. If it is that long loop it into rings like a boat rope or a cowboy rope and drop a loop when walking to the loo or where ever you go in the dark. OR, turn the lght on.


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